Texas Jim Robertson And The Panhandle Punchers - Ill Walk This Weary Road Alone / Im Back To Where

Live Radio. Live TV. RSS Feeds. Download App. Save a child save a mother. HotLine coming soon. You may forget the singer, But don't forget the song. Everything for Guitarists, at the Best Prices in Town! I've been to seek a wife, She's the joy of my life, She's a young thing, and cannot leave her mother.

Yes, she asked me to come in, With a dimple in her chin, She's a young thing, and cannot leave her mother. Yes she set for me a chair, She has ringlets in her hair, She's a young thing, and cannot leave her mother. She can bake a cherry pie, Fast as a cat can wink her eye, She's a young thing, and cannot leave her mother.

Kind friends, if you will listen, A story I will tell, About a final bust up, That happened down in Bell. I courted a brown eyed angel, That went by the name of Lee; And when I popped the question, She said she'd marry me.

I went a bought a license, March, eighteen ninety nine, Expecting in a few days, That darling would be mine. Her mother grew quite angry, And said it could not be, She said she had another man, Picked out for brown eyed Lee. She talked to friends and neighbors, And said that she would fight. She'd get her old six shooter out, And put old Red to flight.

But lovers laugh at shooters, And the old she-devil, too. I said I'd have my darling, If she didn't prove untrue. I'm not the one to craw-fish, When I am in a tight; I said, "I'll have my angel And not be put to flight.

I went on down to Kerns's, With the devil in my head, I said, "I'll have my darling, Or leave the old folks dead. I give her back her letters, And bid her a fond adieu. I pressed her to my aching heart, Kissed her a last farewell, And prayed a permanent prayer to God To send her Ma to hell. I sold my cows to J. And cursed the day I first met That darling angel, Lee. Bye and Bye When I look above at that big heavenly plain, And the stars that shine in the sky.

I pray I won't have to ride that range, And gather them in when I die. I know how each star could hide in a cloud, And blink in and out on the sly, I'm asking Saint Pete for a softer seat, In the Heavenly bye and bye. Come All You Wild Rovers. So gather around boys We'll drink, it's my treat.

Here's hoping our sweethearts And wives never meet. You are gazing now at old Tom Moore, A relic of by-gone days, 'Tis a bummer now they call me, But what care I for praise! It's oft, says I, for days gone by, It's oft do I repine. For the days of old, when we dug out the gold, In those days of Forty - Nine. My comrades all, they loved me well, The saucy, jolly crew; A few hard ones I'll admit, Though they were brave and true. What e'er the pinch, they ne'er would flinch, They ne'er would fret or whine.

Like good old bricks, they just stood the kicks In the days of Forty - Nine. There's old "Aunt Jess", that hard old cuss, Who never would repent. He never missed a single meal, Or never paid a cent. There is Ragshag Jim, the roaring man, Who could out-roar a buffalo you bet. He roared all day, he roared all night, And I guess he's roaring yet. One night Jim fell in a washout hole, 'Twas a roaring bad design, And in that hole Jim roared out his soul In the days of Forty - Nine.

There is Wylie Bill, the funny man, Who was full of funny tricks. It's over, it's over, it's over now. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. The High Cost of Poor Listening. Consider these situations: Would you let a naked customer dine in […]. Add to that her charming kennel behavior, which includes barking at people […].

Since Thanksgiving is just a week away, I was thinking about how infrequently we give thanks to the people in our lives. For many families it is tradition to give thanks during the Thanksgiving meal. Some even go around the table and ask everyone to state the things for which they are thankful. Listening is probably our most important, but most underutilized communication skill. Part of the problem is that people are selfish and would rather be the one talking than listening.

I […]. Man charged with cruelty after dog found with rusty collar grown…. Runner who kicked dog during race loses sponsorship. Forgot your password? Get help. Share Pin 1. To be euthanized next week — His fate has been sealed from the Supreme Court.

'We've almost run out of tears' - Anguished KABA friends hold wet handkerchief 'We've almost run out of tears' - Anguished KABA friends hold wet handkerchief.

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  7. And if I'm on the road For another thousand years or so I hope you know a part of me is at home And I traded brick for straw in the house I built around my heart So when you came it wouldn't be so tough "Landing Feet First" lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.

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