Tasting - Casey Hogan - Rotation EP

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I like my confections approachable. Shot through with a skosh of hoi polloi-ishness. Wrappers with cartoon mascots are promising. So is branding that testifies to soccer hooliganism as a respectable pastime. If a wan man in a toque has ever loomed over the thing with tweezers, no matter how storied its provenance, I would enjoy its bootleg cousin more. Russian bulk-candy bins are feasts for the eyes, with trillions of variations on the individually wrapped chocolate bonbon.

The art direction on each tiny canvas is a marvel, featuring oil-painted landscapes, shiny-eyed squirrels, polar bears and swans — even the occasional camel. The thumb-size rectangular one, featuring a startled-looking infant in a babushka, is my favorite. British Smarties beat American Smarties, because candy-coated chocolate buttons are superior to chalky pressed pills; of the former, the orange taste delicious. Any flavor of Ritter Sport is crucial whenever you can find one milk-chocolate cornflake in particular.

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Mary H. Worldwide, nearly 70 percent of cocoa beans come from Africa, and Ghana is the second-largest producer in the world, with a G.

Even so, Ghana has few producers of actual confections. Cocoa Processing Company Limited in Tema is one of them. Every year, the company says it processes 65, metric tons of cocoa beans, but it also has a line of chocolates and candy bars, including its lemon-flavored Akuafo Bar. Of all the candies in the world, Chupa Chups might have the most famous designer. In , a married candy maker named Luisa Spagnoli decided she needed to do something with the leftover nuts at her chocolate factory.

She put a whole hazelnut atop some milk chocolate whipped with chopped nuts and covered it in dark chocolate. The result looked like a fist, so she gave it the name cazzotto, or punch.

The two renamed it bacio, or kiss, in These chocolate-covered caramels get their name from the celebrity trivia on their wrappers — quite literally, fan tales. Lokum picked up the nickname Turkish delight when it reached Britain in the middle of the 19th century and, years later, made a cameo in the C. In its year history, the candy has become popular around the world. In , when an incident involving melamine-tainted milk shook China, production shut down for several months to ensure the candy was safe to eat, though in Singapore, consumers were told they could eat 47 pieces daily before experiencing ill effects.

Ten years later, the company makes the candies with only imported milk powder from New Zealand. Born in a San Francisco licorice factory in the s, the twists have been the favorite of moviegoers and kids who like to bite off the ends and make a straw for more than half a century. The brigadeiro, a fudge truffle, is a classic in Brazil and frequently served at parties.

The story goes that the treat gets its name from Brig. Eduardo Gomes, a candidate in the presidential election. To create your own, make fudge balls by combining sweetened cocoa powder, condensed milk and butter, then top with sugar or sprinkles. Or take inspiration from the hipster versions you can find from New York to Brazil that include pistachios, coconut or matcha. Back in , a Milwaukee man named John Flaig created a petition asking the company to bring the candy bar to the United States.

Savoy, the original candy company behind Cri Cri, was founded by four immigrants in a Caracas garage in One of them, John Miller, had brought a chocolate-making machine with him from Scotland, and they used it to create the Savoy chocolate bar. Almost 30 years later, the company created a puffed-rice version. In , that candy bar got its own name, Cri Cri, thanks to a formula the founders picked up by talking to friends, neighbors and kids: The name needed to be short and easy to pronounce.

Today Savoy is one of the leading candy companies in Venezuela, and its products are often given in December during Amigo Secreto, which is essentially the Venezuelan version of Secret Santa. Confiteca, the Ecuadorean company behind it, designed it for the extreme palates of Gen Z candy lovers. The S. What Zuckerlwerkstatt calls rock candy is about as far from the American version as it gets.

A Bon o Bon is a milk-chocolate shell over a crisp wafer filled with a flavored cream. Every day, factories in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil produce 3, of the sweet treats every minute, and 70 percent of production is exported throughout the world.

In , the brand helped establish Sweetness Week in Argentina, a clever marketing campaign that encourages candy lovers to exchange confections for kisses. It worked: Candy sales in Argentina rise about 20 percent for a week every July. Pastillas are popular milk-based candies, originally from San Miguel in the Philippines.

In the Bulacan region, the wrappers, called pabalat, have become a bit of an art form with cut-paper designs. Pastillas are a celebratory candy and are often given for birthdays and weddings. According to lore, what a 19th-century candy maker meant to be a jelly bean ended up looking more like a baby, so a confectioner called them unclaimed babies — like the ones frequently left on church steps in the era. Edinburgh Rock, a confection that looks like a stick of chalk, was invented by a Scotsman known as Sweetie Sandy in the 19th century, when, as the myth goes, he found that old trays of candy developed a pleasingly crumbly texture.

But a local businessman named James Anderson stepped in, and Edinburgh Rock is still manufactured in Scotland. Flavors include peppermint, raspberry, orange, lemon and vanilla. Cadbury has produced the candy in Lagos since Cadbury reigns over the chocolate market in Pakistan; in , Mondelez, its parent company, accounted for 66 percent of sales, in part because of the ultrapopular Dairy Milk chocolate bar.

But CandyLand, the biggest candy company in the country, owns half the market for other confections. An animated commercial for the candy has real-life kids swirling animated clouds and rainbows to create the pastel-colored sweet.

The traditional version of gaz, a Persian nougat studded with nuts, gets its sweetness from the excretions of a bug called the tamarisk manna scale, which is found on tamarisk trees in central Iran. Originally, people believed the excretions to be sap because they dried on tree branches.

Not so. Good news for the squeamish: Most versions you find now are made with other sweeteners. Lacta chocolate started in the s as Galacta, named for gala, the Greek word for milk.

It received 1, stories and made a minute video, with more than 11, people voting online to choose the actors, character names and wardrobes; some even served as extras. Today Lacta is one of the best-selling milk chocolate brands in the country. Wedel started making the treat at the family factory in After the invasion of Poland, the company was forced to produce chocolate for the Germans, and Wedel was sent to the Nazi camp in Pruszkow.

He survived the war, but the E. In autumn, they are cafe latte and peanut butter. Trade Kings, a Zambian-owned company founded in , manufactured Boom Detergent Paste and imported foreign candy. But when its trade partnership fell through, the company decided to produce its own candy in Zambia.

Now, its Amazon Pops are a signature product, and the company manufactures tons of candy a year. The pops are also popular in Tanzania and South Africa, where Trade Kings claims that it opened the largest candy-manufacturing line in the Southern Hemisphere in The treats come in flavors like black cherry, strawberry and pink lemonade.

He needed to figure out what to do with a bunch of leftover pineapple-flavored marshmallow from another product, so he covered it in chocolate and christened it the Pineapple Chunk. Arrangements are under the direction of Carleton Funeral Home, Inc.

To plant a tree in memory of Ruth Hogan as a living tribute, please visit Tribute Store. Sign up for our obituaries newsletter. Sign up. Comment Text. Stop watching this guestbook. Get an email notification whenever someone signs the guestbook.

Notifications from this guestbook will end. Bounce The Lights 12". Uncut EP 12". Intrinsic Design US. Switchstance EP 12". Urban Nightime 12". Sonic Groove. Casey emerged in the late 90's with fellow techno legends Adam Beyer, Dietrich Schoenemann, Alexi Delano and Jesper Dahlback and is a pioneer of the original tech-house genre.

Now a professional sound engineer, he is back doing what he does best and is currently working on new projects and remixes with Robin Porter for Immigrant and Shva Muzik. The EP's title track "A Time Before Now" was produced back in and has been pulled from his archives to show what tech-house was, is and should be, with it's shuffling percussion, arresting bass line, pensive chord lines and introspective vocals.

Sound Syndicate EP 12". Shva Muzik US. Stamp Series 4 12". Stamp Series US. Stamp Series 8 12". Trending Searches. Trending Pornstars See All. Pamela Anderson 2 videos. Skylar Vox 12 videos. Julia Ann videos. Eva Elfie 8 videos. Most Popular Pornstars See All. Lana Rhoades videos. Mia Khalifa videos.

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Jul 13,  · This label was featured as one of URB magazine's "Next " in April Original sounds, great cover grahics - total aesthetic package. In the crates of some big names both in the US and UK - worth your attention.

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  6. HUDSON FALLS — Ruth K. Hogan, 85, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, Dec. 10, She was surrounded by her loving family and close friends in the comfort of her own home.
  7. Review: Immigrant Records launched in and after a six year hiatus is back with an EP produced by US techno veteran Casey Hogan - his first vinyl release since Casey emerged in the late 90's with fellow techno legends Adam Beyer, Dietrich Schoenemann, Alexi Delano and Jesper Dahlback and is a pioneer of the original tech-house genre.
  8. Dec 31,  · Casey Hogan was born in Miami, Florida. After his father, who by the way is in the Radio business uprooted Casey multiple times, they finally settled in Tennessee after short stays in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, and Kentucky.
  9. Chris Hogan's retirement articles will inspire and prepare you to make a plan for the future. Learn the basics of investing and building wealth.

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