Sevillanas - Juan Amaya, Manolo De Cordoba, Manolo Correa, Carlos Lomos, Liliana Lomas, Pepe De Mala

Cuando comienza la decadencia fisica del cuerpo de Laura, Joey comienza a decaer mental y emocionalamente El ha conseguido reunirse con su amante y cumple con su destino. El cIrculo se cierra Synopsis When Laura falls to an accident death her already unbalanced boyfriend Joey suffers a brakdown. He steals her body and escapes on a self-destructive journey thrugh lonely motels and rainy villages.

While Joey is trying to preserve Laura 's fading beauty in strange rituals he is haunted by the memories of the happy and dark moments of their relationship. As she starts to decay physically, he descends mentally and emotionally Joey passes the point of no retun. He has reunite with his lover and fulfill his fate. The circle closes Ellos pasan todo el tiempo juntos.

Toda la gente del pueblo va al cine. Los chicos lamentan lo ocurrido a su amigo y el pueblo se queda sin pelIculas. Ladu, amante de las historias excitantes, vislumbra una tragedia Synopsis The story takes place in the year of the Eastern Europe changes. In a little mountain village, the middle of nowhere. Radi and Ladu are gods friends. They spend all their time together.

They roam the countryside, they watch the trucks on the lower highway pass by and what is most important, they go to movies together. All the people in the village are ardent movie-goers. One day the motorist who delivers the films from the center to the mountains has an accident. Children mourn for their friend and the village is left without films. When winter comes the barkeeper discover long-forgotten film reels in the cellar of the movie theatre.

Ladu and the barkeeper's wife, Lina, glue the old film together, creating newer stories. In a snow-bond village, cut of the rest of the world, people plunge into a dreamworld. Meanwhile Siniak, the woodcutter, is looking for a chance to be near his childhood love, Lina. Ladu, who likes exciting stories, smells a tragedy.. Dolby S. El restauranteur Laszlo contrata al pianista Andras para que toque en su gran salon. Budapest in the thirties. His song of "Gloomy Sunday" is, at first, loved and then feared, for its melancholic melody triggers off a chain of suicides.

Color min Dolby SR v. Miradas de sospecha. Sin embargo, nada es Jo clue parece. Lucas, el nino clue Juan tiene en brazos es su nieto y Manuela, esa hermosa mujer, su nuera.

Manuela y Lucas Ilegan para pedirle ayuda. Es una historia clue habla sobre el afecto, sobre los reencuentros y las realizaciones personales. Synopsis The night Juan Denevi is celebrating his 60th birthday in a little restaurant, a beautiful lady comes in and leaves a baby in his arms. Suspicious looks.

However, nothing is what it seems. Lucas, the little boy that Juan is holding in his arms, is his grandson and Man uela, that beautiful lady, his daughter-in-law. They have come to ask for help, on behalf of his son Facundo. Facundo has been living for many years in a little town far away from Buenos Aires. Juan has neglected his son emotionally as well as economically. Juan's visit to Facundo will enable him to get to know him better, and this will happen through a series of situations and characters that will also give Juan the opportunity of facing his own maturity.

It is a story that talks about affectivity, reunions and personal realizations. It also talks about justice, the necessity of equal opportunities and fair development. Everything takes place with the tenderness, the humor and the bitter-sweet that are always present in everyday life.

Italia, 35 mm. Dolby SR V. Sin embargo, mientras las monarquIas de Europa se encuentran expectantes, algo sucede en las habitaciones nupciales del palacio real. Los soberanos rein, ajenos al momento revolucionario que conmociona a toda Europa y en donde Francia se encuentra al borde de ser dividida. Synopsis In the dazzling court of 18 century Bourbon Naples, one of the greatest royal "mismatches" in history is in the making reason of state obligues.

Whether they like it or not, young king Ferdinando of Naples, otherwise known as King "Louse" and popularly called "Big Nose", will wed Carolina, the fine sweet-sixteen daughter of empress Maria Theresa of Austria.

No union could stand less of a chance and no couple could be less willing. As the monarchies of Europe hold their breath, however, something unexpectedly clicks deep withing the nuptial chambers of the royal palace. To the young couple's delight, they both do have one interest in common. In a rollicking orgiastic cellebreation of the senses, Ferdinando and Carolina plunge with gusto into tje silko bed sheets of their regal duties.

And, as the sweeping pageant of the court of Naples moves in one fresco of magnificence, splendor a and sumptuous pleasure, the sovereigns reign on, oblivious to tje revolutionary foment on the verge of tearing France asunder and overtaking all of Europe. Color 92 mm. Dolby SR. Sofia es una actriz famosa y su hijo, Bruno, ya adolescente, y e en la television a quien cree su verdadero padre. Synopsis Sofia is 20 and she is in love with her drama teacher, Bruno, who is Her idyllic love story is unfolded when she finds out he is a homosexual and runs away from him, only to get on a train where a young pregnant woman travels.

Sofia sees her get off and discovers a newly born baby in the restroom After trying to find her, she decides to keep the baby, pretending he is her son and his father has died. Five years go by, Sofia is on the stage and she spots Bruno, who is reciting. She makes him believe the baby she has in her arms is his son so as to take revenge on him.

Now fifteen years elapse. Yet, destiny hasn't made its final move Desde escribe sus guiones en colaboraciOn con Rafael Azcona. Profesor de la EOC hasta que renuncia por no estar de acuerdo con la forma de selecciOn de los alumnos. Sin opsis Michel des Assantes, un prestigioso cirujano plstico de Paris, apura su Ilegada a la 61tima parada del particular calvario de a impotencia sexual. El viajero se da una panzada a la altura de Calabuch. Unas almas sensibles se trasladan al pueblo para su cura.

Y ahi comienza el segundo calvario para Michel, festivo en este caso, pero no menos frustrante. La encrucijada de Michael es verdaderamente terminal. El siglo del anarquismo se muere. Van a sonar las doce campanadas de Nochevieja. Un nuevo milenio lo amenaza. Synopsis Michel des Assantes, a famous Parisian plastic surgeon, has reached the last stop on his own particular via crucis of sexual impotence and world-weariness.

He decides to throw himself out the window, but at the last moment he stuck by the vision of wandering cyclist who is carrying the sign "Paris-Tombuctu" on the frame of his bike. Michael buys the bike from him and exchanges death for hopeless, flight, aithoygh with the inmediate advantage of leaving behind family, friends, social con venctions and hasty liposuctions.

The traveller comes a cropper close to Calabuch. Some soft-hearted folk take him into town to dress his wounds. And there begins a second via crucis for Michel, festive in this case, but no less frustrating. Michael crusade is really terminal Tomboctou is too far away.

The century of anarchism is dying. The bells are going to ring for New Year's Eve. A new millennium is looming ahead for him. Is it really worth the trouble of living another thousand years like this, another minute like this? HOlaflda, 35 mm. Desde viene presentando numerosas exposiciones principalmente en su Paris natal. La moda de esos dIas eran los colores brillantes con un toque de ligereza. Hasta que un dIa, Jo grande y bueno de Amsterdam se propuso castigar al hombre cuyo genio ellos habIa proclamado con entusiasmo Synopsis As a great artist who brooked no compromise, Rembrandt van Rijn experienced fame and fortune, bankruptcy and personal tragedy.

Famous by the time he was thirty, he married the beautiful Saskia and, within ten years, lost her, just as his fortunes were beginning to decline. The fashion of the day was all bright colours and a light touch. Rembrandt pursued a different vein, working heavy shadows into thick whorls of oil Indiferent to propriety, he took his women from among his servants and found his friends outside polite society. Until one day, the great and the good of Amsterdam set out to punish the man whose genius they had once so loudly proclaimed Estados Unidos, 35 mm.

Color 97 min. Color 97 mm. ConcurriO a estudiar cine para hacer pelIculas. ComenzO a hacerlo a los 23, con "Witchcraft 4", un film independiente de bajo presupuesto clase "B". Hay tranvIas en el infierno? ZCu6nto pesa el alma? Las estrellas son los ojos de Dios?

El explora y experimenta, su vida entera gira alrededor de preguntas. Es una peilcula acerca de la amistad, el amor, la confianza de un chico. Sus protagonistas principales son dos chicos clue tienen frente a ellos un mundo entero clue se abre, pero ambos buscan a sus padres a su manera.

Esta es una historia acerca de la amistad y el mundo de los adultos, donde no siempre es lo clue parece Synopsis Early s, in a small seaside town. The nine-years old Jontti has his head full of questions. Are there trams in hell? How much does the soul weight? Are the stars God's eyes?

He explores and experiments - his whole life is sorrounded by questions. Jon tti doesn't reveal his secret and belong a tragi-comical struggle to win his father back. But, as he fights against the windmills, he meets his first love and gets a glimpse of irrational nature of lifeE; not everything can be explained rationally, and the answer always provokes a hundred new questions.

It is a story about friendship,love and a child's faith. Its main characters are two little boys, who have the whole world open before them, but who are both looking for their fathers in their own way.

Jontti represents faith. Is a story about their friendship and the world of adult people, where everything is not always what it seems Argentina, 35 mm. NaciO en Buenos Aires, el 31 de agosto de En materia de cine ha dirigido cortos, mediometrajes y un largometraje, "Gracias por los servicios", en Sinopsis La historia de un aprendizaje.

Dudas, avances, retrocesos, el amor por la vida, el amor por lo que se hace. Synopsis Itis a story of learning. Is it enough to know that a liver is sick? Who is that person that we call patient? Is it worth knowing anything about the soul of the people? What kind of doctor, what kind of professional, what kind of human being is he going to be? Doubts, achievements, failures, love for life, love for one's job.

Who is more successful: the doctor who achieves fame, distinctions and money, or the one who is useful to other people? It is a reflection on success in a world where curing is not always possible, but where caring is a must. Australia, 35 mm. De aquellos tiempos son "Sexy Girls" y "Sexy Appliances and Desire", dos cortos que fueron recibidos calurosamente en su recorrido por festivales australianos. Ewan, Joel y Neil son socios en una firma de abogados. Ewan odia su vida de abogado maduro y se aleja.

El mundo perfecto de Joel se desmorona cuando su esposa lo abandona. Y el solitario Neil busca desesperadamente a alguien -cualquiera-, para amar. Durante otros doce meses cada uno busca satisfacerse y querer. La vida en la metrOpolis ha mantenido a las chicas y a los chicos separados. Strange Planet es una comedia alegre y optimista en la que dos grupos de amigos cuentan con dIas para unir sus vidas.

Se trata de la bsqueda del amor y la realizaciOn del hombre al comienzo del nuevo milenio. Synopsis Strange Planet is an upbeat comedy in which two groups of fiends have days to get their lives together. It is about the search for love and fulfillment at the start of a new millenium, Is a character-based scrip with vividly defined, very human charcaters that symbolise the foibles and hopes of humankind.

Judy, Alice and Sally are best friends and room mates. Judy thinks that turning into a ruthless career eoman wiliheip her overcome her fixation on older, married men. Alice's broken heart and strict moral code has kept her life in an idle estate foor too long.. Ewan, Joel en Neil, are partners in a law form. Ewan hates his grown up lifge as a lawyer and drops out.

Joel's perfect world is shattered when his wife leaves him. And lonely Neil is desperately seeking someone to love - anyone! Other twelve months they each chase fulfilment and love.

But wherever they turn thry find something completely unexpected Life in the metropolis has kept the gals and guys apart. But fate finally drings them together at a remote beach house Color Dolby SR mm.

Frank es persuadido de investigar la vida de aquella mujer. Su primera entrevista con Roxanne, la hija de Helen aumenta su desorden emocional al sentirse atraldo por ella. Mientras el vuelve a creer en los milagros, sufre la disyuntiva de seguir con el tema de la santidad o revelar sus sentimientos por Roxanne. Frank tiene que exponer el caso a un enviado del Vaticano He is urgently summoned to meet with the bishop to discuss the case of a marble statue situated in the center of a convent's yard in the outskirts of Chicago that cries blood tears.

The local priest is asking for Helen 's,-Regan to be canonized, a woman who lived and died in that convent and whom neighbors consider to be the cause of the miracle. Frank is persuaded to investigate the life of that woman. His first interview with Roxanne, Helen's daughter, increases the priest's confusion, since he feels attracted to her.

As he starts to believe in miracles again, he struggles with the dilemma of whether to go on being a priest or to reveal his feelings for Roxanne. Frank has to expose the case to a Vatican delegate Croacia, 35 mm.

Scope Color 98 mm. Color 98 mm. Zajc", en Rijeka. Acechado por la pobreza y ante la posibilidad de ser reclutado, Jakov huye a America en coma un desertor de guerra junta a su prima Luka.

Par el contrarlo, envia generosamente dinero a su pals para el escape de Jakov. Driven by poverty, and the possibility of being drafted, Jakov flees to America in as a war deserter, together with his cousin Luka. He sees an oportunity for such an action when Miho, the owner of a worker's boarding house in Pittsburgh, sends a letter back home requesting that they send him a woman whom he'd marry.

Zorka, the only Jakov 's love, takes this trip as a revolt against pressure of Jakov 's widowed mother, who manages to force her son to marry richer, but involved Ivana. In America, Miho sees through Zorka 's situation, and doesn 't marry her. Instead, he generously sends money back to his old country, for Jakov 's get-away. Jakov finds out that Miho is his real father, whom his mother refused to wait for.

Afraid of poverty and shame she married another. Panavision Color mm. Dolby SRD. Aravindam, alrededor de medio centenar. Sinopsis Sur de la India en los anos Ella sospecha que Namboothiri es el padre de Kunhikuttan, pero ella se resiste a revelar a verdad a su hijo. Una noche la hermosa Subhadra Ilega para ver la danza de Kunhikuttan, en la legendaria saga de Mahabarata.

Kunhikuttan se siente destrozado, es un hijo despojado de su padre y ahora un padre despojado de su h ijo Synopsis Southern India, 's. Kunhikuttan is the son of the low caste woman, Baghi, a servant to Namboothiri, the lord of the manor.

She suspects that Namboothiri is Kunhikuttan 's father, but she refuses to reveal the truth to her son. Aged 10, Kunhikuttan begings the long and arduous apprenticeship of the Kathakali, a revered ancient art that combines pantomime, opera and dance. After some years, Kunhikuttan 's talent is widely recognised. The pain of not knowing his father and being forced by Namboothiri into an unhappy marriage is seen in the power of his enigmatic performances.

One night the beautiful Subhadra comes to see Kunhikuttan dance in the legendary saga, the Mahabarata. Married into the closed world of the high society, Subhadra can no loger distinguish between reality and fiction.

She becomes consumed by her passion for the hero of Mahabarata and falls in love, not with Kunhikuttan but with Arjuna, whom the embodies on stage. Kunhikuttan is deeply distressed by their relationship, even more so when Subhadra bears his son whom she refuses to let him see.

Kunhikuttan is desvastedE; he was a son deprived of a father and now he is a father deprived of a son Francis, 35 mm. After all, the film is only a new chapter in their lenghthy story.

Magic potion Francia, 35 mm. Era simple Del otro lado de la Cortina de Hierro que yo imaginaba como un verdadero muro de hierro, miles de millas de alto no habIa nadie a quien salvar, ni una sola alma buena Desde entonces, hemos aprendido algunas cosas y hemos moderado nuestras posturas. Los testimonios hoy abundan, ya sean estudios, denuncias o tesis. Y todavIa tienen que surgir revelaciones sobre aquellos tiempos que definen la identidad de este siglo. Los comentaristas se unen en un asombro colectivo al observar la increIble capacidad humana para sobrevivir, adaptarse y resistir.

Hay una sola parada entre el instinto do vida y la libertad: el pensamiento. It was simple On the other side of the Iron Curtain which I truly imagined as a tall iron wall, thousands of miles high , there was no one to save, not a single good soul Since then, we have learned some things and moderated our stances. We ended up maked a distinction between the tormentors and the victims and we wonder incredulously how all these people managed to get through such dark years, how they managed to merely survive.

Testimonies abound nowadays, be they studies, denunciations or thesis topics And revelations have yet to emerge about those times which from this century's identity Ammentators all meet in the collective amazement over the incredible human capacity for survival, adaptation and resistence.

When inmersed in a vessel, man will swim. What is the indomitable breath, this small spark in the far reaches of the Soul? It is the instinct of life, ever-present, primordial, but which no one has ever succeeded in dissencting nor defining.

There is but a single stop betqeen the instincts of life and freedom: that of throught. Italia, 35 mm Color 90 min v. Color 35 mm. Es hijo del poeta Attillo Bertolucci. Sin opsis Una vieja casa en el centro de Roma. Shandurai viene de muy lejos y ha encontrado en a casa de Mr. An ancient abode in Rome's center. A sort of an island where two lonely persons have been wreched: he is a white Englishman, a little bit crazy; she is a black African woman with a lot of problems and hopes.

Kinsky has entrenched himself behind the barrier of his piano and his interested in Bach, Mozart and Grieg. Shandurai comes from far away, she has found a suitable accomodation for her refugee's condition in Mr. Kinsky 's house. She keeps his house clean and tidy in exchange for a room, and in the meanwhile she studies medicine at the University. An old house, a man, a woman, a piano. Out of the windows it's possible to glimpse at stormy end millennium spring Sinopsis El juego del siglo: , 25 de Noviembre, horas.

Todos en HungrIa estaban ansiosos con lo que podia suceder!!!. Nadie lo conoce, nadie sabe de dOnde proviene Synopsis The game of the century: , November 25, 3. The British. Hungarians, for months anticipate the match, gathering around radios everywhere.. After all, yhe Hungarian golden team was getting ready to play the yet undefeated British team in England, and everyone back home was itching to know wath was going to happen!

However a few minutes after the commencing kick, something funnu started happening in the city All his commentaries are so completely accurate that he calls himself 'Sure Thing" Nobody knows him, no where he's from Desde ha trabajado en numerosos proyectos relacionados con el cine de animaciOn.

Ha fotografiado y dirigido numerosos cortos en el Bela Balazs Studio, del cual formO parte entre y De Guise. Una noche, una amiga de su madre, la Sra.

Al descubrir que este romance avanza, Mme. De Chartres, poco antes de morir, recomienda a su hija ser prudente. Synopsis Mademoiselle de Chartes had a first heart-breaking experience: she was abandoned by a youth who wanted to have a somewath open relationship with her. One night, a friend of her mother's, Mrs. Silva, the wife of the Director of the Gulbenkian Foundation, introduces her to a widely-reputed doctor, Jacques de Cleves.

The young girl agrees to marry him, although she feels no passion. This passion will be aimed at a young and fashionable singer, Padro Abrunhosa. Realizing that this love is emerging. De Chartres, a short time before she dies, warns her daughter to be prudent.

Ha sido estrangulada. La estrella local es Germain-roland Desmot, un escritor exitoso adorado por los medios. Desmot es un hombre amable, encantador y seductor, que ama las citas y alega distraIdamente que son suyas.

Viviane se deja encantar. Viviana lucha contra los rumores. In a Breton fishing town, children come across the body of Little Elodie, She has been stranged. And above all his wife, viviane, a visiting nurse, are accepted in the village, they aren 't "nativies". The local "star" is Germain-Roland Desmot, a successful writer adored by the media.

Desmot is an affable, charming, seductive man with a love o quotations that he distractedly claims as his own. Viviane struggles against the rumours. Obras como "Los primos", "Doble vida", "Landr", "El. Brandon Teena habia liegado a la ciudad y la pequena comunidad rural estaba encantada. En Lincoln, una ciudad a 75 millas donde vivia anteriormente, se encontraba atrapado en una crisis personal que lo habia perseguido toda su vida.

Y cuando comienza su noviazgo con Lana, se crea un conflicto con John, un amigo de Lana, que desemboca en violencia. Synopsis From the middle of America emerged an extraordinary double life, a complicated love triangle and a crime that would shatter the heartland. In Falls City, Nebraska, Brandon Teena was a newcomer with a future who had the small rural community enchanted. Women adored him and almost everyone who met this charismatic stranger was drawn to his charming innocence.

But, fall City's hottest date and truest friend had one secret: he wasn't the person people thought he was. Back home in Lincoln just seventy-five miles away, Brandon Teena was a different person caught up in a personal crisis that had haunted him his entire life.

Like many young people, he made costly mistakes and when he inadvertently trespassed between his new love Lana and her reckless friend John, the mistery unraveled into violence. In a single, short life Brandon Teena was at once a dashing lover and a daring thief and a tragic victim of an unjust crime Aquel corto fue candidateado por la Universidad de Columbia.

Color min Dolby SRv. Color min V. Tel-Aviv Israel, Tel. Cuando metan al hijo de Mukhtar, Mahmmud es acusado del crimen y entonces se ye forzado a escaparse de la Villa por temor a la ira de Mukhtar.

Sin Mahmmud Ia vida para Mabruq no tiene sentido. Intenta suicidarse pero falla. Convence a Mahmmud para que vuelva a la Villa y confronte a Mukhtar. Synopsis Mabruq, who lost his parents near the Lebanese border when the inhabitants of his Arab Village in the Galileo were forced to leave their homes during the war, has grown up alone, dependent on the kidness of others. Mabruq secretly loves Jamilah, a girl who has also been marked by what she experienced in The village is ruled with an iron hand by the Mukhtar.

Most of the villagers are weary of power struggles but some remain bitter and resentful Most prominent among the latter is Mahmmud. When the Mukhtar 's son Muhammad is killed, Mahmmud is assumed to be responsible and is forced to flee the village in fear of the Mukhtar 's wrath.

Without Mahmmud, life for Mabruq isn't worth living. He attempts suicide but falls. Finally he sets out into the mountains to find Mahmmud. He persuades Mahmmud to retun to the village and confront the Mukhtar. Miisica: Alkesander PEcI. Sonido: Flora UKA. Dibres , Tirana, Albania, Tel. LM LT[. Synopsis The events of Sako 's Wedding occur as medieval mists of a ghost city. Behind the stone walls and roofs of this city, terrible dramas of love and hate, death and regeneration take place.

Under the shadows of an ancient civilization, life takes the shape of Saturn who eats his own children. The metaphor says that all dictators are the same in essence, but they differ in shape. In all the cases, the only aspiration of man is liberty and a dignified life.

En completo sus estudios en la Academia de bellas Artes de Tirana. Entre y fue director de la TelevisiOn nacional y entre y tuvo iguales tareas dentro de los estudios Albafilm.

Lukas Moodysson Suecia, 35 mm. Color Dolby SR V. Nada ocurre hasta que Elin hace una jugada inesperada concurre a la fiesta equiVocada- y su Vida toma un nuevo rumbo.

Nothing even happens until Elm makes an unexpected move —she goes to the wrong party—and her life takes a new direction. A contemporary story about longing, the joy and pain of being in love, the comical and heartbreaking aspects of growing up and the courgae it takes to be diferent. Zhang Yuan Italia, 35 mm. Dolby SR Chino Mandarin. La primera es alocada y un poco vagabunda, mientras que la otra es diligente y estudiosa.

Un dIa Yu Xioaquin le roba dinero a su padre y culpa a Tan Lan, que accidentalmente mata a su hermana mientras trata de probar su inocencia. Tan Lan es encarcelada. Los dos van a la casa de sus avejentados padres y el guardia se convierte en un testigo de la dolorosa reunion, del remordimiento de ella, la ansiedad y miedo de la madre y la lucha silenciosa del padrastro para superar su pena y poder perdonar.

Synopsis Tan Lan and Yu Xioaquin are teenage stepsisters. They go to the same high school, sleep in the same beedrom, but couldn't be more different. The first is wild, a bit of a vagabond, while the other is dilligent and studies hard. One day, Vu Xioaquin steals money from her father and puts the blame on Tao Lin, who accidentally kills her sister while attempting to prove her innocence, and is put in jail. Seventeen years later, a woman by now, she is allowed out and is scorted by a guard, to find her home long demolished.

The two go to the new address of the ageing parents, and the guard becomes an eyenitness to the difficult reunion and the girl's remorse, the anxiety fear of the mother and the stepfather's silence struggle to rise above his pain and find forgiveness. Dolby SRD V. Sinopsis , Estambul, Palacio de YiIdiz. Pero al Sultan solo le gustan los finales felices y ha ordenado que se re-escribiera el libreto para que Violeta no muera.

De esta manera, se convertirIa de concubina en favorita y de favorita en esposa oficial. Los planes de Nadir, aunque politicos al principio, se convierten en una increible historia de amor entre ellos. Outside, the revolution growls.

But the Sultan only likes happy endings and has had the libretto rewritten so that Violetta does not die. Que buscas en nuestra web? Coro de la Hdad. Guadaljarafe A. Albahaca Almorada Amigos de Gines. Malandar Los de la O Chiquetete Requiebros. Maria de la Colina Malandar Isabel Fayos. Brumas Coro de Ntra. Melhaza Grana y Oro Retama. Albahaca Manguara Voces del Pueblo Requiebros.

Melhaza R. Los de la O Onuba Los del Guadalquivir. Corrales Manguara Brumas Amigos de Gines. Romero Sanjuan Sal Marina. Sombra de Luna Salmarina. Powered by ArtTree. Historia de las Sevillanas Blog dedicado al mundo de las sevillanas con cientos de letras y audios. Hip Hop y Rap. Al mal tiempo Sevillanas 17 de junio de Al mal tiempo Sevillanas 10 de junio de Al mal tiempo Sevillanas 3 de junio de Al mal tiempo Sevillanas 27 de mayo de Al mal tiempo Sevillanas 20 de mayo de Al mal tiempo Sevillanas 13 de mayo de Al mal tiempo Sevillanas 6 de mayo de Al mal tiempo Sevillanas 29 de abril de Al mal tiempo Sevillanas 22 de abril de

El video de hoy. La cuarta copla más facilita para poderte defender en la Feria con miniño @fran_jb_ que me lo como con papas😘😘😘😘 #sevillanas #videosevillanas #cuartacopla #lacuarta #intensivosevillanas #cursosevillanas #muyfacil #meencantaloquehagoFollowers: 1K.

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  1. Las mejores sevillanas de Manolo Escobar. Belter. Un auténtico cantor del pueblo. Círculo de lectores. Las canciones millonarias de Manolo Escobar. Círculo de Lectores - Belter. 60 coplas de oro. Triple CD. Divucsa. 20 coplas de oro. Divucsa. Viva Almería. Belter. Colección El Cancionero. Volumen 3.
  2. LOS INICIOS - AÑOS Manolo Escobar inició su carrera artística en la radio, a mediados de los años Aunque comenzó cantando canción española de otros intérpretes, pronto llegaría a tener un repertorio propio; la mayoría de esas canciones tenían letra de José María Nadal (su descubridor) y música de su hermano Juan Gabriel.
  3. MANOLA-MANOLO. [Luis. FERNANDEZ DE SEVILLA] on bluegrass.kalkisnilalmeenawhisperbringer.infoinfo *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Madrid. La Farsa. 17x bluegrass.kalkisnilalmeenawhisperbringer.infoinfo: $
  5. Sevillanas est un film espagnol réalisé par Carlos Saura, sorti en Synopsis. Mêle les performances de célèbres Juan Lebrón; Société de production: Juan Lebrón Producciones; "Sevillanas Boleras", arrangement de Manolo Sanlúcar, interprété par Pulso y Púas del PuertoActeurs principaux: Manuela Carrasco, Matilde Coral, .
  6. Escucha y descarga gratis los episodios de AL MAL TIEMPO SEVILLANAS. Dirige y presenta Javier Montiel, buen aficionado, recopilador, documentalista, defensor y difusor del género de las sevillanas. Cada miércoles de 1 Escucha todos los podcast, conferencias, radios online gratis en tu iphone, android, windows phone y pc. | Pagina /5(3).
  7. Nov 14,  · manolo escobar interpreta junto con otros grandes artistas las sevillanas "la plazuela de los niÑos" autor bluegrass.kalkisnilalmeenawhisperbringer.infoinfo-obregon, en un especial de tve1 del aÑo los beneficios de .
  8. Busca y encuentra los nombres mas comunes en las localidades más frecuentes. Cada persona suele tener dos apellidos derivados de la familia de su padre y madre (apellidos paternos y maternos, respectivamente).

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