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I always find inspiration in both the book and the video. This question is in the General Section. Responses must be helpful and on-topic. To join, you must be at least 13 years old and agree to the terms and conditions. General Question. What should I use for drawing and erasing on painted walls? So far I have tried: 1 dry-erase markers 2 chalk Both erase poorly.

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Observing members: 0 Composing members: 0. Buttonstc with a wet sponge and dish soap. I was under the impression from the OP that they prefer to avoid painting or repainting. Just my little 2 cents :. And repainting was always an option He passionately urged parents to allow their kids to draw on walls. Use paint off knife until clean then go to pallette. I use latex paint on my house and buildings.

Now after you have done all of this, its now come time to really paint. First go back and refine your lines, add strategic shadings of black, repaint bland spots, reshape where needed. Keep 5 or 6 canvas going at once, paint on one a little for a day, let dry. Get another, work a little. Use different sizes of canvas. Paint on glass, wood, cardboard, but always use gesso——glass or whatever.

Paint out, brushes out, paints out, rags out, turpentine out, pallettes out———yes a mess. If you want to be an artist, you must live with your work, snack with your work, sleep with your work, dream work, and work your work. At the end of the day, just before bed time, gather up your oily brushes wrap in foil, put pallette on top of a 1 quart baggy and put the whole smear into your freezer.

Say goodnight to your work, brush your teeth, and sweet dreams. The next day you are back in business at your leisure. Now you are finally at long last an artist!!! Happy colors! An artist told me once that artists are free to use any medium they want and if you do become museum, institution collectable, the art of the conservator will sort your legacy out. Multiple styled acrylic paintings on canvas where I used latex house paint instead of gesso and every one has stood the test of time.

Anyone purporting otherwise, unless they ineptly stretched their canvasses, is full of hogwash. I concur on latex primer users.. Man that stuff is as expensive as heck.

I am also an Art teacher. I stretch my own because 1. I usually can dictate the size of the canvas, 2. I have never run into cracking gesso, until this year — all of a sudden the economy gesso I have gotten for several years, with no problems has been cracking. I think it is a thickness thing. We did sand it and put another thinner coat over the first coat, and it seems to do the trick.

However, everyone discussing the differences between gesso and house paint — have you every just compared the ingredients? Dick Blick art suppliers has this to say about Gesso:. This is particularly important when using oil paints on an acrylic base. However, there are gessos that are designed to be sanded smooth. At the same time, a gesso is supposed to prevent all of the medium, traditionally linseed oil, from being absorbed into the underlying support.

But if there were no absorption or tooth at all, the two layers would not form a polymer bond. The right gesso is a particular tradeoff, in which the properties of both the paint and the surface matter. Before the s, all gesso was made of animal glue.

Since the s, acrylic gesso has largely replaced animal glues. Most artists feel that acrylic provides a more flexible surface and creates a painting that is easier to maintain. However, Blick continues to make traditional materials available for those who want them. It is technically not gesso at all[6][7] and its non-absorbent acrylic polymer base makes it incompatible with media that require traditional gesso such as egg tempera.

This allows gesso to remain flexible enough to use on canvas. What scares me are the last two ingredients which can vary greatly from manufacturers, etc. Paint can be placed into two general categories: water-based coatings like latex, and oil-based coatings like alkyd.

No matter which type, virtually all paint coatings are made with the same basic ingredients: solvent, binders, pigment and additives. The binders are what give paint its body, as a general rule the more binders the better the paint quality. Pigment is what gives the coating its color, the more pigment the better the coverage.

Additives can be any of a number of ingredients added to make the coating perform a particular function such as retard mildew. I would say the best way to make an informed decision would be to read the labels and compare, decide if you want or can live with the additives. As for how long it will last — You can experiment all you want to. Early in the 16th century, the painting started chipping away, and while many restorations have taken place to conserve the painting, today many will say that the painting has been repainted more so then restored.

When he began the painting, Leonardo decided not to use the conventional fresco methods as this required that the painting be completed quickly, and it required the painter to work continuously. This was not how Leonardo wanted to work; he wanted to take his time and to reproduce his vision without the limitation of time. Leonardo developed a new technique that he would use to complete the painting. Throughout the ages, Leonardo has been criticized for the poor technique, but The Last Supper will always remain as one of the greatest masterpieces of all time.

Yes, house paints contain solvents… water based acrylic house paints contain a common solvent — water. Water is the most plentiful solvent there is. Everyone freaks out about the implications of certain words, without full knowledge of what the word itself means.

Yes, there may be other solvents in the paint — these are usually used to obtain full pigment suspension, and are probably included in the artists acrylics that you buy. Some pigments have preferences as to what they suspend smoothly in — oil, water, or other. Some of these are polysorbates and the like, which help oils emulsify in water. You probably get more of those in face washes than you do in paints. They are far more toxic than any house paints.

Your standard pigment range contains far more toxic strength than the thin layers of house paint you may use for a DIY gesso. Dulux has great flexibility, and I use that brand when making my own gesso. I use their ceiling paint, no additives , whiting and pva. I also make chalk paint from this mix, with variations in ratios. All interesting comments, each with a different view. Back in time artists like van gogh, da vinchi, piccaso did not have access to different brands of oil or money to buy them as we have today, that being said, their work withstood centuries still hanging in museums.

Some may have cracked or started fading out but how many centuries later did that happen when you think about it. House paint stays on walls for years under many wether conditions why would it not hold up on canvases. I have been a pensil illustrator for 40 years, now? My Account. My Cart. Go to Home Page. Mobile Navigation. Same Day Shipping Find a Store. Search Go. Topics Cabinetry. Choosing Hardware. Dust Collection. Friends of Woodcraft. Getting Started with Woodworking.

Make Something. Pen Kit Reference Chart. Press Releases. Shop Talk. Woodcraft Magazine. Woodcraft Tech Tip. Woodworking Adventures. Download PDF. By Stephen C. Staples Our forefathers lived in a world of candlelight, wood-fired ovens and outdoor plumbing. Different kinds of found wood The nice thing about attic flooring is that it is hardly ever painted.

Older wood is usually denser, with rings closer together. Finding Reclaimed Wood Reclaimed wood can come from the floor of a house, barn, or hayloft, or from an old bookcase, boat deck or church pew.

Tips for finding and purchasing reclaimed wood: 1. Take a whiff — Smelling the wood will tell a lot about the its history. Tips for working with your reclaimed wood: 1. Write Comment You must be logged in to write a comment.

Learn More. Customer Care Talk to a friendly customer care representative to help with your purchase. Talk to an Expert Get advice on the latest products and help with your projects. Sign Up. Connect With Woodcraft. Also, ever since her previous trip to Eudemonia, her thoughts had often returned to the Banes and their jet-black occlusion suits. What would it be like to wear one and be unable to escape it?

Trapped in latex for months? The thought made her feel light-headed with fear and… something else. Whatever it was, simply thinking about it made her feel guilty. She managed to sweep thoughts under the carpet of her subconscious.

She wanted to stay focused and professional. As she waited in a small holding cell in the courthouse, however, she was starting to have second thoughts. What had seemed like a great idea during the nihilistic depression following her breakup with Steven was now a lot more intimidating.

It was really happening. She was actually volunteering to have her identity erased, her humanity stripped away, even if only temporarily. After hearing what happened to other people, she knew she faced possible mental harm. She hoped the light at the end of the tunnel would help her to keep it together. It was a mission. And it was too late to turn back now, anyway. She would have to see it through to the end. After a few hours waiting, a guard came for her and put her ankle cuffs and wrist restraints with a belt that pinned her hands close to her waist.

She thought it unnecessary. At least she was still in her street clothes and not in some prison jumper. She was escorted through a back door in the courthouse. Outside, in a walled-in parking lot, there were a couple more guards and a minivan converted for prisoner transport. The Ashton Technologies logo was emblazoned on the door.

Two other prisoners stood around, looking uncomfortable and anxious, while the others were being helped into the van. There were five in total, including Katrina. Two men and two other women. After they were all loaded onto the bus and secured into their seats, Katrina found herself sitting next a skinny, shivering girl who barely looked out of her teens.

She looked as if she had recently been crying. She gave Katrina a nervous smile. Tina Scott. What are you here for? Me too! The banishment thing, I mean. I have to be able to get outside. This sounded better. I hope. She felt a strong sense of sympathy. The girl might have been judged guilty of a crime, but she looked so terrified. It was hard not to feel sorry for her. He had a static rifle cradled in his arms. At the very least, being concerned for someone else helped belay her own anxiety. She saw the occasional Bane standing out in their black outfits here and there.

It was apparent that the others in the van were thinking similar thoughts of themselves. They drew near to a large building on the wooded outskirts of town. It was in the neo-modern style with some odd angles and curves, and lots of cement and glass. The landscaping was very tidy and the grass was lush and green. It was all very clean and orderly, just like the rest of the city. Near the street was a sign made of a short, curved wall with metal letters that formed the name of Ashton Technologies.

In front of the sign was a fountain with a silvery, abstract human statue. Whether it was by design or artistic coincidence, the statue had no face. The small group was unloaded in an enclosed receiving area out back. From there they were lead inside.

It seemed to Katrina to be less like a prison and more like a high security mental institution. They were seated in a holding room and bidden to wait. They endured several long and awkward minutes before a man came in to greet them. He was dark haired, hollow-cheeked and was all bones and sharp angles beneath his white lab coat.

He took some paperwork from the guard. My name is Doctor Julian Torres. You have all voluntarily opted in to the Banishment Project. If there is anyone who is here mistakenly, please let us know now. Each held a hefty stack of admittance papers, legal forms, waivers, and medical history forms. And please fill out the medical history forms accurately. Tina hesitantly raised her hand. Torres coolly. Katrina wondered. Tina stiffened in the seat next to her.

The doctor arched his brow. Is it true? Rumors like that are started by people who are opposed to the goals the Banishment Project aims to achieve: punishment and rehabilitation. Most of them are Luddites who prefer the thought of inmates moldering in prison cells rather than giving them a chance to truly learn repentance by being rejected by the society they chose to harm and act against. One by one, they were taken away for processing. This way, please. Now, please refrain from talking, V She was taken to a room where, in front of the guard and another woman in white jumpsuit, her restraints were removed and she was required to completely disrobe, including any jewelry and piercings she might have.

She was wearing neither. She was also told to remove her contact lenses. From there she was subjected to a full cavity search. It was humiliating, but she supposed it was nothing out of the ordinary compared to entry into a regular prison. Afterwards, she was taken to an adjoining room with tiled floors and walls. The floor was wet and the air was damp and humid, like a public shower. Cuffs were placed over her wrists and were lifted overhead by a bar. Not even her eyebrows were spared.

She was sobbing by the time they lowered her arms and connected her cuffs behind her back. She was lead to a shower stall, where she was allowed to soak in a stream of hot water.

It felt spectacularly bizarre against her head. Meanwhile, the woman was donning a baggy, plastic bodysuit.

It looked similar to one a person might wear in a hazmat situation. The sight of it made Katrina nervous all over again and she cringed back into the shower stall. The woman drew Katrina from the shower and began to coat her with a clear, goopy liquid squeezed from a large bottle that simply read Sol.

Some of the stuff got in her mouth and tasted bitter. She spat it out. It inhibits growth. Please step back into the shower. It also dissolved it.

What little stubble she had left on her head and body was washed down the drain. She had been rendered completely bald. Her only consolation was that soon nobody would be able to see it. That was cold comfort. She was roughly toweled off and lead, hairless, naked, and handcuffed, into another room. The cuffs were unhooked from behind her back and she was helped to lie down on a padded table.

The sanitary paper crinkled beneath her as she moved. Her cuffs were attached to the sides of the table. The older woman left the room, leaving her alone with the stony-faced guard. Several minutes passed uncomfortably before a middle-aged man in a lab coat entered. He was carrying a sealed, plastic container. He examined a clipboard, made a noise in his throat, then put on some latex gloves and gave her a quick physical examination.

She felt awfully exposed, restrained to the table like that, being both bald and naked. He put a sedative IV into her arm and connected a heart monitor clamp to her fingertip. The doctor cut her off. In fact, you can step outside.

Grable looked at Katrina. From it he lifted from its bed of clear gel a flexible, curved, black rubber disk. It was no more than an inch think in the center and tapered to feather-thin edges. There was a blunt nub, about the width of a pencil eraser, poking out from the surface of its concave underside. The thinner edges of the thing wobbled a little as he moved it.

Technically, a self-integrating onboard neuronet computer. It will become the artificial intelligence that will monitor your daily life. This durable shell just houses the essential programming and a transceiver. All of the computing will be done by you. This handy little device uses nanoprobes to explore and map the physical workings of your brain, then sends out techno-organic tubules to make connections with the pertinent neurons.

Just think of it as tree roots growing into fertile soil. Its operating program will be uploaded into your brain. It will then use your own untapped brain power as its processor and hard drive. Not unless you do something wrong. I want out of this!

When your sentence is finished, it will break its connections and completely withdraw itself from your brain. It will be as if it never existed. No brain damage has ever resulted. He looked amused by her reaction. It pissed her off to no end to see this man being entertained by her distress.

What kind of sadistic bastards did they have working here? It requires a bit of stretching. The man glanced up and down her naked body. Yes, I do. The next thing Katrina knew, she was waking up in a small, dimly lit cell. Her body was pinned to a cot with padded straps. There was a monitor beeping steadily away beside her. She moaned, in a haze of confusion. Her body was stiff and sore all over.

She squirmed around as much as the restraints would allow. Her lower abdomen felt full and cramped inside, and her rectum felt tender. There was a rubber pad adhered over her entire crotch and smaller ones over her nipples. On the soles of her feet were glued cushy, rubber pads that were molded to a perfect fit and also squeezed up between her toes.

She could only flex her toes the slightest bit. Her head throbbed annoyingly. My head… Her eyes shot wide open. Memories of the courtroom, the shaving, the padded table, and the man with the wobbling black disc flooded her mind. She rubbed the back of her head against the pillow. There was something attached to the back of her skull. She screamed. A minute later, a mature, henna-haired woman in a lab coat peered into the cell window and opened the door.

Right on schedule. Please get this thing off of me! Scans show that it is behaving within perfectly normal parameters. You may rest up until tomorrow morning when your processing will be completed. Someone will be along to feed you shortly. Alone with her fears… and the thing that had already spread its tendrils throughout her brain like a malignant cancer. We can punish you if we need to.

Katrina was restrained to a chair. She had already had plugs inserted into her ears and some kind of liquified latex injected into her nose. She had had enough. When given a command by, say, a brain-dwelling computer, the fibers would arrange themselves into a shape and stay that way. Narrow tubes had been inserted deep into her nasal passage, all the way to the back of her throat, which squirted the mimetic rubber in their wake as they had been slowly withdrawn.

It was an effort, though, as the semi-liquid stuff filled her nasal passages pretty well full. Now they wanted to do the same thing to her throat and mouth. I changed my mind, I want out. I want a phone and someone to get me out of here! Barriston shook her head in regret. It felt as if the entire surface of her skin, from tips of her toes to the top of her skull, was suddenly dancing with an electric current, fiery embers, and dagger-sharp shards of ice. She had never experienced anything like it in her life.

Even though it only lasted a few seconds, it was easily the most painful thing she had ever felt. Then it was completely gone, without any residual pain anywhere. Her skin was completely unharmed. She gasped for a breath and let out a single, belated shriek. I have no interest in punishing you, V; I take no pleasure in this… but you have to start learning sometime.

Open your mouth, please. It was that thing in her head that had hurt her, she knew it. It had made her feel the phantom pain. This truly was torture. She was almost glad of it, in a way. Now she knew for certain that the Banishment Project was cruel and inhumane. She just had to make it through this ordeal in one piece. Then she could let the world know. The tube slid into the back of her throat, causing her to gag. Again, the rubber stuff was squirted onto the walls of her throat and mouth, even coating her tongue, teeth, and lips.

She reflexively swallowed some, not knowing if that was dangerous or not. It congealed into a thick layer that virtually paralyzing her tongue. Instead of eye openings, there was a pair of opaque, oval patches of black stuff that glinted as if sprinkled with glass dust. The helmet parted in two halves, left and right, when triggered by a remote key.

Each half was a perfect mold of the corresponding side of her face. There were no gaps except for a shallow space, like a tiny air pocket, that would be below her nose in and front of her mouth. The tubes were lined with a series of tiny, mechanical filters.

Those four, small openings were the only way she would be able to get air. While she watched, the technician was brushing every nook and cranny of the interior of the helmet with more of the black, latex goo. Katrina slowly shook her head in useless denial of what was to come next.

She had opened a package of specially made contact lenses. They were white and opaque, like theatrical lenses. It stung a little, and half of her vision went dark. Barriston was saying. The contacts emitted their own, weak glow. She knew Banes could see, so why had they just blinded her? She waited fretfully, turning her head from side to side, for whatever indignity or torture might come next.

What came next was the helmet. Its insides were sticky with fresh latex-like stuff, she could feel it spreading over her skin. The molded foam interior was pressed around her head from both sides, adding pressure from all sides.

The pressure increased until, with an audible click, the two halves met in the middle and joined. The foam was snug all over her head, ears, and face. She had been blinded, and now she was deafened. She could hear absolutely nothing through the helmet and sound-absorbent foam. The wet rubber oozed across her skin like thick glue.

It was stifling. She began to hyperventilate, desperately sucking air in from the shallow open space in front of her lips. The mimetic latex goop was dripping down over her lips and chin, adding further to the fear of suffocation.

Please, make this stop. Not for eight months! She waited, frantic, in the darkness for a while. It seemed like a long time. Her breath was coming more easily. The latex in her nose, mouth, and throat was contracting, becoming thinner. It was happening all around her head. It felt as if her entire head was being vacuum sealed, a not entirely pleasant sensation when added to the ubiquitous pressure of the foam.

The feeling of having the inside of her nose and mouth being vacuum sealed was even more bizarre. The stuff was becoming less liquid and sticky, as well. In a few minutes, it had transformed into a dry, latex sheath—thin as paper—that had adhered to ever part of her head and mouth in perfect detail.

With her rubber coated tongue she explored her rubber-encased teeth and lips. Movement of her tongue and lips was still slightly limited within the tight coating, but it was a whole lot better than before. It was so strange to have every part of her mouth covered like that. It felt both dry and slippery at the same time. She could produce no saliva. Nor could she smell or taste anything. Being unable to taste anything for eight months? She moaned weakly. This was so going to suck. The faint glow of the contacts had disappeared.

You know, these things are a lot faster than they used to be. It was the cruel man, Dr. Grable, who had teased her about the Custodian implantation during her first day here. Two others of this batch have already been processed. Good to see you again. I trust everyone is explaining things to your satisfaction? I would hate to see you become stressed. This one and I are old friends. She was pleased to discover she could speak again, albeit a little sloppily with the latex on her tongue. She could barely hear herself speak, though.

It was like talking with her hand cupped tightly over her nose and mouth. Therefore, she deemed it safe to expend some her vitriol. A complete, total, and unmitigated bastard. You know what else? Fuck… yooouuu! And I also believe that threatening a citizen, audibly or visibly, is punishable.

He is something of an asshole.

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  6. Beside the walking path there was a high, stone wall upon which a solitary, female Bane had been sitting motionless, gargoyle-like, for at least an hour. After the woman passed below her, the slender Bane unlimbered her lithe, shiny body and, with amazing agility, performed a series of slow, backward handstands along the top of the wall.

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