Peregrine / Auryn - Green Scare Benefit Split

Obsolescence Deluxe Edition by Abysmal Dawn. Cinereous Incarnate by Abstracter. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jun 14, Explore music. The Agrarian Curse by Peregrine. Berto Batt. David Goynes.

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Ro synonym - definition - dictionary - define - translation - translate - translator - conjugation - anagram. Filter Stream Select the types of content you would like to see. Pittsburgh, PA. Top 8. Ungdomshuset [unmastered]. Silphion's Spell. Green Scare Benefit split with Peregrine. The Reward of Oblivion. Split with Bosque. Like Roaches. Titan's Eyes. The Untamed Sun. Info Connections Comments Shares. What it might look like.

How it might feel. With the ATG kind of closing, it works really well with the final lines: "The past lies before us now. As we become the future primitive. The end of their days is the beginning of our lives.

Freed from self-imposed restraints, the wanderers will re-arise. A really solid lead in for Amor Fati too. Retired it after moving from Georgia, wouldn't be right doing this song without Clem, but maybe in future shows the stars will align Amor Fati: One of the first full Peregrine songs.

Always a solid one to end a set with or the CD. Amor Fati is latin for "love of fate" and the song is about collapse. Lyrically and musically, the song is more abrupt in the beginning and easing into the end, meant to feel like the collapse and the realization of life after it.

Was always better with Clem and having the double vocals, gave it much more of a "finale" kind of feel to it. Unfortunate in some ways, because I've always felt like my vocals were most set in by the line, "loosens from around our necks," which, naturally is the beginning of the last song of the set. Sometimes things work that way though, no reason necessary.

End quote is from Alan Weisman's The World Without Us : "No memorial will mark their burial, though the roots of cottonwoods, willows, and palms may occasionally make note of their presence.

Only eons later, when old mountains have worn away and new ones risen, will young streams cutting fresh canyons through sediments reveal what once, briefly, went on here. Green Scare Benefit Split I love these songs. Probably my three favorite in different ways. The influence of Frosty on this one is pretty massive in terms of the writing and approach, he's a hell of a drummer. A few things about the split.

Auryn approached us about it and it was an enthusiastic yes. Everyone in that band, short Geoff, is awesome, but Jared - who wrote the Auryn stuff and would later join Peregrine - is also one of my favorite people on Earth. I loved the Auryn stuff and in many ways still do. However, turned out that Geoff from Auryn is a shit bag. He got called out for really shady behavior while he was drummer for the Crimethinc band, From the Depths. Everyone from Auryn was immediate and unquestionably done with him and involved in calling him out.

I hate to think about him sullying the Auryn stuff, but he's on vocals, so it's kind of hard not to hear him. At some point, I'll probably end up doing a podcast about this and other shitty aspects of the punk world, but for now, it definitely puts a bit of a stink on this. The benefit was for the Green Scare, but this wasn't a huge seller. I remember giving money and discs, but for the life of me I couldn't remember how much.

Peregrine was most active at a weird time, we pressed CDs graciously because Andy Hurley and FC got behind us, which was awesome. But it was at that point where CDs were quickly going by the wayside. There are positives and negatives to that, but getting people to buy a benefit CD when they don't want CDs is a pretty shitty way to raise funds.

So that means the most money that was raised was typically with benefits shows and things like that. Definitely raised awareness though. I came out of the 90s crust scene, so talking between songs was pretty much a given. We ended up playing a lot of bars and metal shows that are the antithesis to playing crowded and gnarly basements with other crust bands. But how that was received was always pretty damn awesome.

There were some gigs we had that were late and people were trashed, I'd tone it down considerably and then I'd have people approach me after and ask why I didn't talk more. So I fixed that and talked regardless. I'd use Reduced to Ashes as my main talking point for almost every show. That song is near and dear to me, so made the most sense and always the time to bring up the Green Scare, which in was still very much a persistent threat. Had Will Potter talk at the last gig we played before unintended hiatus in I think?

Great experience and gladly would have that more. Anyways, I really love these songs. Gear: Frosty had, I believe, a Mapex birch mix kit.

Sounded awesome, really solid projection. I don't remember his cymbals, but I remember Joel and I swapping around rides for a bit. Maybe snares too. DW or double bass pedals. Clem had one track with his same two cabs panned towards the center. This album could have really benefited from a Tube Screamer of sorts. It's begging for one.

Clem had the same head and guitar. Neck pickups did get used on Sacred Hunt. Bass, I'll take the hit on this one, I wanted a looming overtone of low end. Nixed a lot of the playing sounds and attack Pretty dumb idea, but entirely mine. I genuinely don't remember who played bass on which tracks really, I think we might have even split Sacred Hunt and then maybe I did Final Act and Clem did Reduced?

Does it matter? Not at all. We'd get asked to play it twice often live and, in my opinion, it sounded even better live.

The early riffs were based off of Frosty and I just pushing each other. I had an idea for what I wanted the song to sound like and then Frosty stepped it up and I'd have to match him. I love that. By the time that dissonant octave riff comes back in the middle, it always felt like it was on. He and five other activists were not sent to jailfor illegal acts such as property destruction; rather they were convicted under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act of , which broadly defines illegal conduct in relationship to animal liberation politics.

According to a Portland, Oregon Indymedia. He was named as a codefendant of Briana Waters concerning an action at the University of Washington. Waters refused to cooperate with authorities, went to trial, and received six years. She is serving three-and-a-half years, one of the shortest Green Scare sentences, for her participation in destroying the headquarters of an Oregon timber company.

Guitarist and singer for Peregrine, Kevin is also a writer on the topic of anarcho-primitivism. He previously edited Species Traitor zine and contributed and edited Green Anarchy.

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  1. Oct 01,  · Green Scare Benefit (split w/ Auryn) Apr The Agrarian Curse. May contact / help. Contact Peregrine. Streaming and Download help. Peregrine recommends: Esoteric Malacology by Slugdge. go to album. If you like Peregrine, you may also like: XREIGNX by xREIGNx.
  2. Peregrine (2), Seeds In Barren Fields: Peregrine (2), Seeds In Barren Fields - Split EP ‎ (7", EP) Ideozlocin: none: Czech Republic: Sell This Version.
  3. Peregrine (+ Auryn) - The Agrarian Curse & Green Scare Benefit Split So Leech are one of the few outright " primitivist " BM bands around, so I thought, though not one of the early Cascadian BM bands (as is the trend I'm going on in this blog at the moment), I would present another primmie BM band, Peregrine.
  4. black and green metal metal apocalyptic crust black and green metal blackened death metal crust death metal green scare hardcore Salem about Peregrine Salem, Missouri.
  5. Explore releases from Dave Rosenstraus at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Dave Rosenstraus at the Discogs Marketplace. Peregrine (2) / Auryn - Green Scare Benefit Split ‎ (CD.
  6. Peregrine Tucker's band Peregrine released its debut album The Agrarian Curse in and a split with Pittsburgh band Auryn the next year. Proceeds from the split with Auryn went to "folks facing jail time and courts in the Green Scare.".
  7. Explore releases from the Fuck City Records label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Fuck City Records releases.
  8. Peregrine released a 2song demo in , The Agrarian Curse in , a split benefit for the prisoners of the Green Scare with Auryn in under the record label Fuck City of Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy´s drummer) and a split with Seeds In Barren Fields in

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