Narration – The Red Saunders Orchestra W/Joe Williams #3 – 1951 - Sun Ra - The Eternal Myth Revealed

Blues Hambone Zekiel, Zekiel Piece Of Puddin' Narration The Red Saunders Orchestra Raspa [Instrumental], La Narration The Paul Bascomb Band Blues And The Beat Moreblues, More Beat Black Out Pink Cadillac Hi Yo Silver Hey Muscatel I'm Through With You Wonderful You Symphony Sid Torin Announcement 3. Symphony Sid Torin Announcement 5. Symphony Sid Torin Announcement 7. Saca La Mano Kuba Mambo Kandela Mambo In Trumpet Honky Tonk Train Blues [Instrumental] Probably Voodoo Blues Golden Gate Gospel Train Our Father The Lord's Prayer Rhythm Man Ernie Whitman Ink Spots Introduction If I Didn't Care [Live] Blues Train 3.

You Ain't Gonna Worry Me 4. Weep Weep Weep 6. Don't Leave Me 7. Since I Fell For You 9. Bounce Honeysuckle Rose Golden Teardrops Perfidious Lover My Love Bye Bye Just A Lonely Christmas Hey Santa Claus White Cliffs Of Dover I'm Glad You Love Me Love Nobody I'm Through With You [Rehearsal] Laverne Dreaming So Lonesome Broke That's My Baby Why Oh Why Disc 9: 1.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Out of Nowhere. How Long. I Know. Blue Chicago Blues [Live at Birdland]. Bouncin' Ball Boogie. I'll Eat My Spinach. Narration - Dorothy Donegan Ridin' the Boogie. Track Listing - Disc 5. Blow Mr. Low Blow. Lyin' Girl Blues. Bye Bye Blues. You Can't Win.

Achin' Heart. Pennies from Heaven. You and the Night and the Music. The Phantom. Take Some Time Out. I've Tried. I Want to Rock. The Nearness of You. Sunny's Place 1. The Man I Love. Sunny's Place 2. All Alone. Track Listing - Disc 6. Stop, Pretty Baby, Stop.

Weekday Blues. Last Night's Party. Hey Bartender. Boot 'Em Up [Instrumental]. Sugar Bounce. Gentle Lover. Zekiel, Zekiel. Piece of Puddin'. Narration - The Red Saunders Orchestra La Raspa [Instrumental]. Narration - The Paul Bascomb Band Marilu books view quotes.

Feb 18, AM. Jessica 0 books view quotes. Jan 23, PM. Amy 3, books view quotes. Nov 20, AM. Roberta 54 books view quotes. Nov 02, AM. Cheese 23 books view quotes. Keren 56 books view quotes. Oct 01, PM. Jerry 0 books view quotes. Sep 26, AM. Dorina books view quotes. May 30, PM. Bill books view quotes. May 29, PM. ASH 21 books view quotes. May 17, AM. Louisecarby books view quotes. May 01, PM. Alyona 3 books view quotes. Mar 16, AM. Breonna 36 books view quotes.

Feb 19, PM. Ann books view quotes. Jan 14, PM. Imane books view quotes. Dec 02, PM. Elisa 0 books view quotes. Sep 05, AM. Jul 23, AM. Amber 1, books view quotes. Jul 08, AM. You gotta be a believer and have an open minde to process this music.

This type of abstract music made up a good part of Sunny's songbook, but I don't include much of it for newbies, because I think it's very hard to penetrate. A great album. I'm afraid to say it, but if these don't hook you, nothing will.

That said, I know you're a Deadhead, so you're not afraid of big infinite spooky weirdness, so maybe you should just jump right in with "The Heliocentric Words of Sun Ra. Let me know how you like! I'll be curious to know. Location: France. Location: Bulgaria. Great news! Now give us Space is the Place in quad, please. Sorge , Mar 12, Martin's, that the Chess Studios at South Michigan Avenue weren't open and ready for business till June of Ping and Ping were released in 45 and rpm formats.

Ping was out in the first wave, advertised in Cash Box on November 24, and reviewed on December 1, p. Ping was in the second wave, advertised in Cash Box on December 8, Unfortunately, "Mal's Blues" came out in this ad as "Mel's Blues.

Our information about Ping derives from a dub ultimately from Billy Vera's rpm original provided to us by Ben Young. Both horns are heard on both sides of Ping , but Hill plays organ on "After Dark.

Research by James Wolf of the Library of Congress shows that Pat Patrick copyrighted "Down Pat" on October 29, —a strong argument in favor of late October for the session date.

The fact that the company announced the forthcoming release four weeks after the copyright date offers further support. Some sources have "corrected" "Down Pat" to "Down Patrick. Andrew Hill once identified LeRoy Jackson who no doubt played in his trio on some occasion as the bassist. The bass intro on "Mother's Son" and the prominent lines on the trio sides are unmistakably Malachi's work.

The first Ping session featured an all-star instrumental lineup. All five musicians were important contributors to the jazz scene in Chicago, and well beyond. Hill had long been cagey about his date of birth.

When his first LP was released in , the liner notes made the year out to be After he moved out of Chicago in , Hill's year of birth—whether he was the first to shave 6 years off his age, or allowed others to do it—was almost always given as The place was often said to be Port au Prince, Haiti, and for a short while during the early s, the pianist spelled his last name "Hille," or claimed that it had been spelled that way.

Andrew Hill was really 25 years old when he made the Ping sides. He had been a member of the Freeman Brothers band for a time, and may have appeared with them on a November session for Blue Lake , backing a vocal group called the Maples. But Hill did not impinge on the consciousness of jazz fans or critics until the s, when he was considered part of the second wave of avant gardists, after the first wave of John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra , and Cecil Taylor.

His reputation today is based on the 12 LPs he cut for Blue Note between and Hill's reputed birth in Haiti was a bit of fiction that he concocted to help him overcome the "color caste system in Chicago. Hill was able to attend the University of Chicago Laboratory School on scholarship.

So they took me in and brought me to the point where I would be sociable. In the Panken interview, Hill was willing to admit to musical experiences that a musician born in might have had, even when it compelled him to improvise if he was going to keep the "official" year in play. So the years he was giving for different events in the interview were roughly correct. The first selection Panken played on the broadcast was by Clifford Jordan, and Hill responded as though Jordan and John Gilmore were his contemporaries as, in fact, they were.

He told Panken that at at the Regal Theater "I experienced such phenomenons [sic] as Fats Waller playing the organ and different things. Hill used to panhandle on the street playing an old accordion and tap dancing. As he told Panken, "I took up the northeast corner of 47th street, because on the corner where the Regal and the Savoy was what they called South-Center that was the spot for me to play accordion blues style and tap dance.

If he was 13 when the Macomba closed, there's no way Leonard Chess would ever have let him in the joint. As it was, Hill was 19 when the Macomba closed, and if he was already going while he had to fib about his age, he could have done so more plausibly.

Hill's description of Ike Day not only places him at the Macomba, it is as good a musical description from an eyewitness as has come down to us. He was the most incredible drummer I've ever seen in my life. The only today who comes close to him in soloing is Andrew Cyrille.

He incorporated everything into a floating rhythm sound instead him […] just doing a parallel…". For that matter, he mentioned Sun Ra , who arrived in Chicago when Hill was Hill told Panken that at age 12 he got his first gig with alto saxophonist George Lee. If Hill was really 12 then, it was or He also started working rent parties and house parties, covering for better-know pianists who might not be able to arrive till midnight.

It appears interviewers had not heard of any appearances on record prior to the Ping session so no one asked Hill about these. Andrew Hill started a trio in Though Hill was had been working steadily with his trio for several months when he made them, the Ping sides raised his profile in the postwar Chicago jazz community. Hill claimed to jazz reporter Lloyd Sachs that, "Chicago was a good time for me, I was working 99 percent of the time.

Hill's trios and occasional larger combos were regularly cited in Chicago Defender entertainment advertisements from through At the end of , Herman Roberts opened a smaller cabaret upstairs. The opening act in the Jr. On February 6, Chicago Tribune , pt.

Meanwhile, Dinah Washington, a regular with Herman Roberts since he opened the club, was working the main room downstairs. In , Hill got an LP with his trio, the only one he would record before leaving town. Argo and Vee-Jay were putting out a lot of jazz LPs in Chicago by that time, but neither label showed an interest.

“A glooming peace this morning with it brings; The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head: Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things; Some shall be pardon'd, and some punished: For never was a story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” ― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.

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  1. Start studying Music App Test 3. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.
  2. SUN RA- THE Eternal Myth Revealed Cd Box Set - $ Stop, Pretty Baby, Stop Weekday Blues 4am Blues [Instrumental] [Instrumental] Narration - The Red Saunders Orchestra w/Joe Williams #3 - Last Night's Party Hey Bartender Boot 'Em Up [Instrumental] [Instrumental] Sugar Bounce Narration - The Red Saunders Orchestra w/June Davis.
  3. Sun Ra Sun Ra (born Herman Poole Blount, legal name Le Sony'r Ra; May 22, – May 30, ) was a prolific jazz composer, bandleader, piano and synthesizer player, poet and philosopher known for his "cosmic philosophy," musical compositions and performances.
  4. Narration—Sun Ra—The Solo Piano Recordings #2; —I Remember You; —The Best Things In Life Are Free; Narration—Joe Williams w/The Red Saunders Orchestra ; —It's Raining Again; —On The Blue Side; —Detour Ahead; —Blow Mr. Low Blow (remake);
  5. Around , he joined pianist Sun Ra and drummer Robert Barry to form a Space Trio. After a brief stint in Paul Bascomb's Strand Lounge band, Patrick left town in to attend Florida A&M university. He rejoined Sun Ra the following year and began recording with Ra's Arkestra with its .
  6. Dec 13,  · Sun Ra: The Eternal Myth Part 1 (The Music History Of Sun Ra) [Transparency ] The Transparency label is teaming up with the Michael D. Anderson's Sun Ra Archive for its next release. Subtitled “The Music History Of Sun Ra”, this first installment will bring you 13 hours of ultra-rare music (plus hours of Sun Ra speech) with a ” x.
  7. Gilles Peterson Presents Sun Ra And His Arkestra: To Those Of Earth And Other Worlds Sun Ra Strut. STRUTDTM | $ 1. Calling Planet Earth () Sun Ra, His Myth Science Arkestra. Soul / Funk / Disco. $ follow: Sun Ra. Chaos Theories The Souljazz Orchestra Strut. Alefa Madagascar Various Artists Strut.

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