Lili Marlene - Various - Australian Wartime Radio: A Brown Slouch Hat

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It sold 1,, in the U. Mister Churchill took the salute of the Eighth Army veterans. The Master of Ceremonies? Monty of course, brilliant but insufferable, wearing the now-famous black beret, displaying a general's cap badge and the badge of the Royal Armoured Corps. The victory parade was symbolic in another way. For this long bitterly fought campaign was Britain's imperial swan song. From now on, America would take an increasingly leading role in this worldwide conflict. And those brave little warriors from Nepal, the fearless Gurkhas.

And here in this desert wastes was born the legendary SAS. Commonwealth commanders served the cause well. And what of the two, three, and four star generals? Some known, some not so well known. Some relieved by higher command. Some did, "measure up", and some didn't, before and after Montgomery arrived on the scene. And Field Marshal Rommel? He was recalled from North Africa. Had he fallen into Allied hands he would have avoided the July '44 plot against Hitler.

Survived in Allied captivity and lived out his remaining years in retirement. In the inimitable British tradition it is factual, not propaganda-based although some emotive wording can be found in the commentary.

Highly motivational stuff. For authenticity this would be as near as possible to faultless. A great story and one that deserves to be re-told. The film is just over an hour in length, and does not drag at all.

Recommended for anyone interested in World War 2 or in great land battles. Dangerous Work. Auchinleck was relieved by Generals Alexander and Montgomery, who dug in, and then successfully counter-attacked at El Alamein, saving Egypt from German and Italian conquest. Not that most of the Italians were a great threat.

Their leadership was poor, for one thing. And they were held in contempt by their Afrika Korps counterparts. Many weren't overly fond of Mussolini and his aggressive foreign policy and his eager affiliation with Hitler's Germany. For these and other reasons, their team spirit was on the low side and the British and Commonwealth troops swept them up by the thousands.

I mention this because the actual movements of the various forces are described well enough in another review, so there's not much point in describing them again. It's a war time propaganda movie and very well done for what it is.

Propaganda itself is interesting because it's possible to mislead without actively lying. For example, we don't see or hear anything in this film that is untrue in any strict sense of the word. But what's interesting is what ISN'T said or seen.

One of the principal reasons Rommel lost the battle of El Alamein is that he was at the very end of his supply line. He simply ran out of stuff. He was outnumbered in tanks, supplies, and combat-ready troops. Forgotten Hope 2 Battlefield 2 mod Released Report Forgotten Hope 2 2.

Category Full Version. Uploader GameWatcher. Added Dec 9th, Size 1. Downloads 1 today. MD5 Hash f7bbeebbaa29a2de9a8bce7. Embed Button. Embed Widget. Unbeknownst to Troy, he has been captured by the Germans and the field hospital, as well as his blindness, are an elaborate scheme by Dietrich to trick him into revealing where the rest of the Rat Patrol are hiding. Guest Star: James Philbrook - Dr. Archie Gribbs back to headquarters. He claims to have information vital to Allied forces, but only seems interested in saving his own neck.

With Gribbs' selfish attitude already grating on everyone's nerves, the situation is made worse by the loss of one of their jeeps and the presence of two bitter GI's who blame Gribbs for their capture.

At stake is an approaching flight of Allied bombers set to destroy Rommel's newest armoured division. With the lieutenant trained in the explosive's use killed, the enemy alerted to their presence, and time running out, the Patrol is forced to take a secret route through the mountains along the course of an ancient riverbed.

Unfortunately for Troy, Dietrich has also learned of this secret route and lies in wait for them at their destination. Greatly outnumbered and with limited supplies of ammunition, the enemies find themselves forced into an uneasy truce for survival. Upon learning that the operative has died, all seems lost, when both the camp doctor and an American sergeant suddenly claim to have been passed the information. The problem is, one of them is really a Gestapo agent and the Rat Patrol must discover which one is telling the truth before it is too late.

Their employer, a decorated US flyer turned arms dealer and traitor, has a grudge against them; apparently the Patrol destroyed several of his shipments, thinking they were German. Rather than kill them, he makes Troy and Moffitt an offer they can't refuse: join him in his less-than-honorable racket or he turns them over to his biggest client, Hauptmann Dietrich.

Hitchcock stands lookout, disguised as a German guard. Troy, though, is held captive inside the lighthouse betrayed by Mathias, the lighthouse keeper. Moffitt tries to reach him but ends up unconscious. In the ensuing fight, Mathias is killed and Troy manages to signal the trawler into the area to take the general to safety.

The necessary equipment, though, can only reach them in time via an ancient road which is now hidden by sand, a road only Moffitt's father can find. On the way to the landing site, Moffitt's father's plane crashes. Moffitt wants to go find him but Troy insists their first priority is to find the road themselves. Moffitt breaks away and goes to find his father but finds only the burned-out plane.

Troy thinks the elder Moffitt must be dead. Moffitt says he was captured. Again Moffitt escapes the team and goes after his father finally rescuing him. They use an explosive-laden boat to get into the harbor but the Germans stop it halfway in.

The captain, Bertaine Will Kuluva , doesn't allow the Germans to board his boat. Troy and his men are able to fight off the boarding party and escape into town, but at the cost of Bertaine's life. They are followed by El Gamil, a sympathetic Arab merchant and black marketeer, who provides a car and uniforms for Moffitt and Hitchcock to go to the German Officer's Club in search of Bertaine's daughter Marianne.

She is regarded as a traitor by locals because she performs at the club, but Troy has no choice but to seek out her help. The episode ends with Moffitt and Hitchcock entering the club.

Then they take her home - after they tell her who they really are. They also tell her that they need to use the fishing fleet to accomplish their mission.

Troy then joins Moffitt at the house of El Gamil. Informed of the plan, El Gamil dispatches his men to the various harbor areas to alert the fishermen. Troy sets the action to begin at dawn. However, a Nazi patrol boat has intercepted the boats.

The fishermen believe that Marinanne is a collaborator. Troy, though, disagrees and he's right. Marianne talks the fishermen into cooperating, and the prisoners make good their escape.

The Patrol goes in after him. They get inside the German base and, once there, find that Luden is being questioned by the Gestapo. Guest Stars: Alan Bergman as Col. Krieg Jack Colvin as Lt. Prochek Walter Friedel as Lt. On destroying the building, Troy discovers that there is no ammo but there is a confused teenage boy.

The boy proves out to be the son of a German commander. Troy is going to kill the commander, but when the boy pleads with him not to, Troy remembers what it felt like to lose his own father, who died when Troy was this boy's age. Troy arranges to capture the German instead of killing him. Troy knows that El Jebel has a huge radio broadcast unit and heads there. Troy, Moffitt and the others make their way into the radio room and prepare to broadcast their warning to the British.

However, Captain Deitrich walks in on them and takes them prisoner. Troy and Moffitt manage to escape. They free Hitch and Pettigrew and get their message back to London. This prevents the Allies from losing a lot of tanks. The Patrol is far from help and so Troy decides to obtain blood from a nearby German field camp.

Dietrich is in charge of the base; Troy encounters him and orders him to help him find a donor. Dietrich sends for Corporal Pennell guest appearance by teen idol Fabian Forte , a captured Yank deserter. Pennell refuses to cooperate but Troy takes him at gunpoint.

On the way back to Moffitt, Dietrich catches up to them and it is up to Pennell to do the "impossible" to prevent them from all being recaptured. He rises to the occasion and they make it back to Moffitt and Tully in time to save Moffitt's life. Beckmann denies that he is the man. In a fight Troy is knocked out and Hitch is wounded. Using Troy's gun, Beckmann kills the other German taken at the same time he was and then he exchanges dog tags with him the places the gun in Troy's hand.

Troy is thus accused of the murder. Moffitt and Tully do not arrive until after the deed is done. To prove to a court-martial board that Beckmann is Beckmann, the other Patrolers must break into a German HQ at considerable risk to their own lives. The real Patrol is captured by the Arabs, though, and when they convince the Arab leader who is a friend of Moffitt's that they aren't guilty, Troy and Moffitt go to find the holy man.

To do so means a horse trip across the desert. It shows the location of a top secret German ammo dump. The Patrol must reach the site, enter it and destroy it before half of the German army arrives. The Patrol arrive to find the storage area an old mine surprisingly deserted.

They go about planting the explosives but just before they blow it, Dietrich who has laid this all out as a trap turns up. Shots are exchanged and Dietrich and Troy are trapped inside. Meantime, outside the mine, assuming that in the cave-in Troy was killed, Moffitt and the Patrol prepare to finish blowing it up. Working together, Troy and Dietrich escape through a back entrance moments before the dump is blown up.

On the day prior to the event, the Patrol sights a German motorcyclist and chases him but he gets away.

Mar 19,  · 02 - Anne Shelton - Lili Marlene. 03 - Brenda Lee - Sweet Nothin's. 04 - Carole King - It Might as Well Rain Until September. Third World War - Third World War II ( uk hard rock, blues rock and heavy blues - Flac) Greatest Australian Singles of the '60'bluegrass.kalkisnilalmeenawhisperbringer.infoinfo various artists 1 day ago Luigi's 50's & 60's Vinyl Corner. Cheers.

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  1. Dec 19, - Explore danielleelisse's board "Hats", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Western movies, Fashion and Hats. Lili Marlene Marlene Dietrich Golden Age Of Hollywood Hollywood Stars Old Hollywood Hollywood Heroines Joan Crawford Cowgirl Outfits Western In world war ii casablanca, rick blaine, exiled.
  2. Apr 13,  · In endless miles of rock-strewn scrub desert, where civilians hardly existed. If chivalry existed in war, then chivalry was here also; as the veterans on both sides claimed. This was the only campaign were a spirit of comradeship and respect existed between the opposing armies. They even shared the same popular song, "Lili Marlene"/10(9).
  3. Jan 06,  · Originally called 'Song of the Sentry' it was first sung by Lale Andersen, a little known Swedish singer, and then forgotten until German troops had taken over Belgrade radio station and found they had only a few records to play to their troops in the Balkans. One was 'Lili Marlene' and it was played twice nightly for the next eighteen.
  4. * Der Panzerlied (“Tank song”) — German Army march song from the period; was in use for a couple decades after the war by the Bundeswehr. Used in the soundtrack for the Hollywood movie Battle of the Bulge. * Lili Marlene — German romantic pop song of the period; favorite of .
  5. This chapter provides an overview of international research evidence on the value of singing for the well-being and health of older people. It draws on a number of recent systematic reviews of the.
  6. Return to Forever Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant Part I & II Y&T Summertime Girls Traffic Empty Pages Beat What's Your Best Thing? Fine Young Cannibals.
  7. lili marlene little red light look at the ears on him lupe the little brown building the little grey rat 45 the long bomba di the amid of the mountian the royal australian air force no. 79(f) squadron, ubon, thailand, -
  8. The Rat Patrol. The Rat Patrol is an American action and adventure television series that aired on ABC between and The show follows the exploits of four Allied soldiers - three Americans and one Englishman - who are part of a long-range desert patrol group in the North African campaign during World War II.
  9. bluegrass.kalkisnilalmeenawhisperbringer.infoinfo is a continuing to grow community of harmonica players. We have over free tabs to choose from. You can also access our site through your mobile phone bluegrass.kalkisnilalmeenawhisperbringer.infoinfo

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