Keyboard & Guitar Solo - Toto - Forever And Ever

Joined: Nov I seem to remember reading an article when that song was released about how they used a Roland MCxxx sequencer for many of the synth parts.

The process they went through to program each individual note. In my view, if they can use a sequencer to record the song Joined: Aug Stockholm, Sweden. Originally Posted By: marino. I didn't play the bass part of the chords at all; instead, I played the top triads with my left hand, with a multi-layered sound to make it huge, and leaving the chords' tonics to the bass. Then I played the marimba-like part with my right hand, but playing a single line; I had layered that one as well, tuning the layers a fourth or was that a fifth?

Joined: Dec Y'all are nuckin futs. Just don't comp for your solo. The guitar can do it. If you want to do some special scale harmonizer effect, just set it to harmonize on B pentatonic. Even if a couple of the intervals change, it will still sound close enough I don't hear where that happens but Bernmeister has the ears.

You'd have to kick the effect of when it does that F m7 line and kick it back off after. But yeah, just don't comp there. Wow thanks for all the replies.

I can confirm that harmonisations are not consistent. If I had an arranger keyboard I could do the auto-harmonise thing where it adds a note or two, or three below your RH melody, based on your LH chord.

I will work the solo in both hands leaving guitar to comp. Although Mr Cressey's suggestion of nuckin futs does sound fun. And I should be OK to play the intro marimba with one hand or two - that won't be a problem one way or another. I don't play these tunes anymore but after re-listening to the original, I'd want brass comp to continue through whole song and have guitar play one of the parts of the written solo with keys if played. Al Coda. Originally Posted By: brenner Lukather claimed that the band was not meshing well with Frederiksen because he had a difficult time recording with them in the studio.

With Joseph Williams now onboard officially, Toto wrote and recorded Fahrenheit , released in October While Williams performs lead vocals, Frederiksen had begun recording a few tracks and is featured as a background vocalist on the track "Could This Be Love". The band recruited several guest musicians for the album.

In addition, a then-unknown Paula Abdul appeared as a dancer in their "Till the End" music video. Michael McDonald provided backup vocals on the song "I'll Be Over You" and appeared in the accompanying music video , while Eagles founder and songwriting giant Don Henley appeared on the Steve Porcaro penned track "Lea". After its release, the band embarked on another world tour.

Upon its conclusion in , Steve Porcaro left the band to pursue a career in film and television scoring. Fahrenheit eventually went Gold on October 3, Although Porcaro occasionally assisted the band on synthesizers for their subsequent studio albums and appeared on their tour , David Paich handled most of the live keyboard work with keyboard technician John Jessel assisting on certain dates post The album's other single, " Pamela ", became very popular and would be the band's last to hit the US Top Although "The Seventh One Tour" was very successful, after it was finished the band decided to replace lead singer Joseph Williams.

Originally, the band wanted to reunite with original vocalist Bobby Kimball to record new songs for a greatest hits record, but the record company instead insisted they hire South African singer Jean-Michel Byron. Before Byron was brought in, the band recorded "Goin' Home" with Kimball. This song was later featured on the Toto XX album as an "unreleased song. Toto then embarked upon the "Planet Earth" tour that lasted from September until December The band didn't get along with Byron, whose diva-like behavior and flamboyant stage presence caused friction during the tour.

He was demoted to background vocals before ultimately being fired at the conclusion of the tour. During this time, the band also found that former singer Bobby Kimball was booking shows and billing himself and his backing band as "Toto". Lukather's first solo album was released in , named Lukather , and featured musicians such as Eddie Van Halen and Richard Marx.

Once again without a lead vocalist, guitarist Steve Lukather sang lead vocals and became the new front man. Jeff Porcaro died in an accident on August 5, , at the age of 38 while working in his garden.

According to the LA Times Report, the Los Angeles County Coroner's office lists the cause of death to be a heart attack from the hardening of the arteries caused by cocaine use. However, Jeff Porcaro's family insisted the band continue. Englishman Simon Phillips was the only drummer ever contacted to replace Jeff Porcaro since the band knew that Porcaro liked Phillips and because Lukather worked with Phillips on a previous tour with Santana and Jeff Beck in Japan in Phillips joined the band and they went on the tour, which they dedicated to Jeff's memory.

In they released a live album called Absolutely Live. From on, Steve Lukather would handle a majority of the vocals until Bobby Kimball's return in , but some older songs originally sung by Kimball, Fergie Frederiksen, and Joseph Williams were put in the set list and sung by new backup singers Fred White who was replaced by John James in , Jackie McGee who had joined for the tour and was replaced by Donna McDaniel in and Jenny Douglas-McRae who had also come aboard in From March to November , Lukather recorded his second solo album, named Candyman.

A departure from Toto's sound of the late s and s, Tambu was a very organic release and featured the single "I Will Remember", which received moderate radio play. Tambu sold , copies worldwide. The "Tambu Tour" proved to be another success, although there were no North American dates.

Simon Phillips suffered from a back problem, so Gregg Bissonette had to fill in for him during the first leg of the tour in late The tour concluded in The rest of the tour personnel remained the same, with the exception of Donna McDaniel who had left in shortly after the "Night of the Proms" performances which Douglas-McRae had missed since she was out touring with Joe Cocker.

Lukather released his third solo album, Luke , which was a more "introspective" album than his previous two solo albums. The band released Mindfields in early and embarked on the "Reunion" tour, touring worldwide and returning to the United States for the first time in six years.

Later that year, a live album titled Livefields was released. The tour officially concluded in , but the band played a few shows throughout David Paich briefly took a break from touring in , so Jeff Babko filled in on keyboards.

In , in celebration of Toto's 25th anniversary, the band released Through the Looking Glass , a covers album that paid tribute to the band's musical influences, such as Bob Marley, Steely Dan, George Harrison and Elton John. The album was not a commercial success and many fans were upset about the release, thinking that the band should have written new material instead.

Both the live album and the DVD were released in late Beginning in June , near the end of their "25th Anniversary Tour", keyboardist David Paich took a leave of absence from touring to spend time with a sick family member. Veteran keyboardist Greg Phillinganes filled in for Paich for the rest of the tour. In late , Toto headlined Night of the Proms for two months straight. Paich returned but was only able to play for a few weeks before he had to leave again, so Phillinganes once again filled in for the remainder of the shows.

In early , the band embarked on a world tour that went throughout and Paich only occasionally appeared, with Phillinganes playing at most of the shows. Musicnotes Pro Send a Gift Card. Toggle navigation. Save on Every Order! Musicnotes Pro. Become a Member Today! Add to Cart. Transpose 7. C Major Orig. Quick Details. Musicians Like You Also Purchased. Add to wish list. The Arrangement Details Tab gives you detailed information about this particular arrangement of Forever Young - not necessarily the song.

Not the arrangement you were looking for? View All Arrangements. You guys keep getting better and you're about to create something very unique. Wherever I go TOTO always has a phenomenal reputation and amongst musicians and people that are really into the music scene you have been legends for over a decade. You blow our minds because of the fact that you play all your and now also other's songs as though you have rehearsed this particular song a million times.

It looks so easy and smooth when you cats enter stage and start groovin' and knowing what it takes to play the way TOTO does, you'll always have a huge, very dedicated audience. Much more focus and positive vibes on the band than normally ;- Keep up the great work, gentlemen.

Once again I attended a concert with the worlds greatest musicians. It was my seventh concert with Toto since and I must confess that it was the best. Since Simon joined the band in the timing, tempo and feeling has just evolved and growing better. Friday night it was perfect, and it was a fantastic experience to hear the timing and perfect feel in the old and new tracks. Of course, as always, it was mixed with fabulous solos, bridges and splendid closures for each song.

You guys are the best! Before the concert I saw and heard you guys do an interview. The interviewer asked you, if you weren't over the peek. I most say, that in my opinion you are evolving constantly reaching for a musically peek.

It may be that was the "grammy" peek of your career, but there have been many hits since, and first and foremost - you guys are constantly trying to improve and develop your musicianship. Friday night in Copenhagen you once again proved it. It was cool to hear some of the older songs, especially I enjoyed Afraid of love and Waiting for your love. The many guitar solos was stunning, Daves and Mikes solos super, a funny hat exchange between David and Steve started Steve's Danish debut as a keyboard player and finally Simon played and conquered.

Simon - you're talking a musical Esperanto. Steve was as always on top of things. He even took the initiative to get the manager to remove the security in front of the stage, due to their attempt to control the crowd and "kill" the party.

Thank you Steve for that initiative! Thank you for a great concert. See you next time in Denmark! Hi Toto - Hi fellow Toto-maniacs! At this my fifth Toto-eksperience I was especially impressed by the way all members of the band Luke in particular!

When Toto play like they played in Copenhagen, you never get bored with them! The show started off with a new very groovy arrangement of Girl Goodbye with a deep pounding and powefull sound, which the band has really refined on this tour.

Every member of the band lived up to the individual standards we know, and I really digged the many great arrangements; they often managed to put two or three somg together in one, for instance finishing a song with the guitar-riffs from Till The End - cool. The many other "quotes" put into the numerous outstanding solos was nice "hidden greetings" to us "senior" fans. I was in wonderland once again, not least because I witnessed the "music love of my life" with the female love of my life, my wife as from august this year - and as well she loved Toto.

Nicolai Platzer Funder. Valbyhallen Copenhagen: I have only one thing to say: R. I tried to keep track of the setlist posted on the messageboard The songs I noticed that I think is not mentioned ealier on this tread was: During Daves solospot he started playing the pianogrove of Pamela During Steves acoustic solospot Which is the best guitarsolospot I've ever seen!!!!! I noticed that he played a bit of 99 Somewere in the set they also played a bit of the track from Farenheit with Miles Davis can't remember the title.

Oohh I almost forgot: Last time Mindfields tour in 99 Simons drumsolo was grrreeeeeaaat THIS time I mean this guy IS not human!! I'm not a drumplayer but I know when I see something not possible to play with 2 arms and "4 legs" Oh yes guess what: Luke said it was Daves birthday Can't wait.

Funny thing 'bout this band. It was just the second time for my girl to enjoy a great, great TOTO concert. I have been listening to TOTO since i was 8 years old, back in We just got home from one of the best TOTO concerts in my life.

You guys are gifted with a talent beyond this world and you're "making it a better world" for all of us listening to you - keep going and keep up the pace. Good to see that the place was crowded to the limit as always when TOTO is playing They are just fantastic. We want to thank you for this superb evening - We enjoyed it immensely. We can't wait to hear you live again.

Keep going guys - we love you. Those kind of people is anywhere. Merry christmas and Happy New Year, We love you. Hi all We were 18 friends getting together from all over the area.

For me it was the 6'th concert, for others it was the very first - but definately not the last!! The new arrangement of Girl Goodbye was very nice - allthough I was waiting for you to make a shift of tempo and end the song like it is originally written - That would have been a real killer. After the first minutes of the concert the sound is usually good, but this time it wasn't. Sorry guys - I hate to say this - but the people who listened to the music from the back of the hall, really missed a lot.

Especially Luke's fantastic acoustic solo drowned totally. You had to be close to the scene to get a clear picture of it. I really loved the medleys you played - putting pieces of old stuff in between the songs and solos was awesome - Also the theme from Dune in David's solo was great.

For the first time, my two sons were with us to the concert - and although they are only 11 and 13, they really enjoyed themselves and will definately be with you to the next concert. So - to the great "danish band". At last - I hope you enjoyed your birthday, David - We did! Congratulations from Denmark once again. Hi Guys Great concert. Way better than the last I saw in Aalborg on your Mindfields tour. I especially liked the medleys you did.

It was a great way to include a maximum of old songs into the set. About your individual solos, I must say, that I liked David's the best.

They were all great, but his was beautiful. And I can honestly say that I had chills down my spine when Luke joined in and played a part of "Don't stop me now". I've seen two Toto concerts. And a funny thing about this is that both times someone in the band was celebrating their birthday. Last time it was Luke and this time it was Dave. I missed two things in the concerts: There were no songs from "Tambu" -which is you best album ever, and you didn't play "House of the rising sun" -which is the best song on your new album together with "While my guitar gently weeps".

L ast but not least I will just say thank you for the display of extraordinary musical talent and joy. I'll be seeing you next time you visit Denmark. Hi guys!! I'm 18 years old, and you're songs have always been played at home So a very thanks for a great evening! I hope you'll come to Sweden soon, again!! This was the first time a saw you live But one thing to Bobby: Leave your tights at home next time! Here are the songs the sang But please Thanks that you played so long time It's worthy the money!

I hope you soon record a NEW album!!! With new west-coast songs! Thanks again! I was one of the crazy guys who stayed outside your bus after your wonderful concert in Gotheborg yesterday!!

I really liked the way you opened up your concert yesterday!! Love you and keep playing this way!! We want a new CD with those amazing songs written by those amazing musicians!!

My name is Roger Christiansson 38 year old drummer. In fact, I was so excited so I had to drive directly down to my TAMA old friends Superstar kit in Onsala 50 kilometers south of Gothenburg afterwards, and play for a couple of hours, before going to sleep what good music can do.

Thank you all for a great evening once again , and Simon for constantly giving me a lot of new energy to keep on developing my drumming! Best regards. White sister as a closing song was just super. Thank you fore stop loving you, great vocals Tony! Please do Pamela on yor next tour. This time i brougth my 16 year old son to the show and may be you can imagine what his reactions was under and after the show?

The medley was great too But, I think your " solo spots" being too long though.. I hoped this night I could hear my favorite songs again: Home of the Brave, White sister, Childs anthem, Gift with a golden gun So what happened??

I got it all!!! Thank you!!! After 2. Thank you again for the show! Just came back to my native Trondheim, Norway after a great live-experience in Oslo last night. This was my 5th Toto-concert, and to this date, the best. Luke and his commerads seemed to be in very good shape. Oslo Spektrum was filled with about spectators I guess And everyone tried their best to make it a special night for the band and the audience.

Luke introduced David as his "old friend", but someone in the audience shouted "He's not THAT old" to a cheer from the crowd. And from that moment, the evening became more and more magical. To start with the basics: Mike and Simon are playing so tight, they have a lot of the chemistry Mike had with Jeff in those days!

And with Simon's enormous bassdrum-sound, it sound bigger and bigger every time. Thank you, guys. And thanks for the sticks, Simon! David, what can I say? Africa is such a lovely song to hear you play. And Home of the brave. WHAT a song! One of my favourites. Dave's key-solo was a bit more quiet than the ones I've heard him do earlier, but it was fantastic.

Loved the movie-soundtrack-part! Great supplement to Steve! He's got the blues in his fingers. Just hope I can get a hold of his CD's. And a great singer too. A great version of Stop loving you. The start and ending on that song totally blew me away. It was the same ending as in 92, but even tighter. There are some who say you've done your good gigs. You really proved them wrong! You are as always the man. It was a brave choice to do an accoustic solo, but the crowd loved it.

You have a feeling for hitting the right notes that is impeccable! As a drummer, I always expect much from Simon. He came, he played, and he conquerred.

You are a major influence, Simon, and I felt like a boy when you came out from your drums and the sticks. Thank you for helping, Steve We had a good time in Oslo last night, and it seemed like the guys in the band did too. Hope you will return soon! I'll even buy you an Aquavite, Steve and Simon! Big thanks from. I'm still recovering Finally I saw Toto and they really Rock!

Ithink you all know what I'm talking about. I hope you'll come to Finland again.. Iwill be there for sure! Thanks guys!! You really are the best!! Taija from Finland. What a great show it was. This was my second time I saw Toto live and I'm still recovering from Mondays show.

The band was at its best shape and even though Helsinki icehall is a little bit dark and chilly place to play in, Toto was rocking the ceiling off! The finnish audience was quiet at first, but when the familiar songs like Africa and Rosanna got started, the crowd responded with cheerful applause. The setlist covered songs especially from the first four albums, which was a welcomed surprise.

All the guys played awesome solos and we heard Bobby singing very high vocal parts. And what about Luke and his "out of this world" acoustic set! I think some guitarrists felt they had better smash their guitars to pieces when they saw and heard Luke playing. Luke and Dave were funny as usual and they made the athmosphere relaxed and warm. Mike and Si, what a grrroooove. In my mind The best rhytm section in the planet. And we musn't forget the great Tony Spinner, who did a perfect job by singing Stop loving you and bc vocals.

Also Thanks to J. J who is in the backside, but as important as always. All in all the concert was a real hihglight and proved that Toto is the best live band in the world. I hope that Toto would come to Finland as soon as possible. Toto has many fans out here and people who understand where real music comes from.

Maybe it's the lack of promotion that makes some people forgot that Toto is alive and well and after 25 years it still gets people exited! Jussi, from Tampere, Finland. Hello for all TOTO-people around the world! So, it was my 4th time I saw TOTO in concert, for my boyfriend it was the first and he was very happy to see them just like I am - still!!

The weather was freezing in Helsinki at that time, but once we got in, we both melted, totally. It was great to see Steve, David, Mike, Simon and this new friend, Tony again, after two and a half years! Again, Steve remembered to entertain us with his funny stories about David in shower with his duck etc.

David asked us if we wanted to hear music instead of these shower stories. The audience was quiet. But when Steve asked us if we wanted to hear more stories like this we all answered yes!! Bobby has so clear voice! Steve is always a showstopper for me. Time after time he looks better and better like he's getting younger year after year. While his guitar gently weeps, I must have never heard anything so beautiful voice.

In front of these great musicians, I'm speechless. Thank you so much again Toto. Well, they did it again! Made my head spin in the very best way. We were shown that after twenty five years there's more energy than ever. As Luke so often says" Time flies when you're having fun" and they sure have fun, and so did we!

Mostly because of Luke and Dave - And of course the whole band with those incredible songs! I was so happy to hear Bobby sing old songs like "Gift with a golden gun", "Goodbye Elenore" and a bit of "English eyes". And Luke on "Afraid of love" - That was so amazing, not to mention the guitar playing that almost made me weep. And I don't think anyone could keep their feet on the ground when "Could you be loved" hit the air!

And Tony singing "Stop loving you" was the final proof that he's definitely in the right place! The whole concert was so amazing!!! With standard notation and chord names. Adult contemporary and pop. Hal Leonard Signature Licks.

Guitar tablature songbook for easy guitar and voice. Published by Alfred Publishing. Performed by Kenny G. Instrumental Solo. Size 9x12 inches. For Piano. Piano - Easy Piano Collection. Level: Easy Piano. Format: fakebook. With vocal melody, lyrics and chord names. Pop rock, rock and pop. Series: Hal Leonard Fake Books.

TOTO - Official Website - Concert Reviews. Would it be possible to guitar and keyboard solo within the tunes (like Mike did basswise in Copenhagen, it was short but very tasty stuff!) and then perhaps leave space for a solo spot for the drums due to the crazy effect this instrument has on audiences. maybe in Mannheim/Capitol, it`s small.

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  1. PSALM SERIES Psalm Bob Hurd (PDF) Cantor, SAB Choir, Keyboard, Guitar, Solo Instrument in C, Solo Instrument in B @, Assembly Psalm I Will Praise Your Name for Ever The Hand of the Lord Feeds Us The Lord Is Near Bob Hurd FROM THE COLLECTION Grail Psalms for Sunday Worship Octavo Packet # CD # I MP3.
  2. TOTO - Official Website - Concert Reviews. Sydney, Australia — 2 December SELINAS -Coogee Bay Hotel, SYDNEY, EVER!! The packed room witnessed what was the end of a 3 month tour which saw TOTO head down under after jaunts in Europe and Japan. Guitar solo/keyboard & guitar solos-S. Lukather, D. Paich Girl Goodbye Hold the.
  3. Mar 19,  · Guitar practice Toto I think I could stand you forever. I Think I Could Stand You Forever; The 6-Note Solo Technique (Guitar Lesson).
  4. Arms swaying, the crowd cheers for Talpin’s keyboard solo, which leads into both a Steve Lukather guitar solo and a Warren Ham tenor solo, and Talpin and Joseph Williams have fun dancing kicks.
  5. Print and download in PDF or MIDI Toto's Africa - Keyboard Solo. After so much searching for a correct transcription of this solo, I have gotten this. help it is helpful. Print and download in PDF or MIDI Toto's Africa - Keyboard Solo. After so much searching for a correct transcription of this solo, I have gotten this. help it is helpful.
  6. May 05,  · In this video, I describe how to play through the song Africa (Toto) using the 80's/90's sound pack which can be found at bluegrass.kalkisnilalmeenawhisperbringer.infoinfo for the Korg Kronos.
  7. Print and download Live Forever sheet music by Oasis. Sheet music arranged for Piano/Vocal/Guitar in G Major (transposable). SKU: MN/5(1).
  8. The 12 most bombastic synth solos of all time. By Scot Solida arm-flailing flourishes and one of the coolest custom keyboard stands we've ever seen. Next: Herbie Hancock - Chameleon is a head bangin' maniac onstage, bashing out frenetic solos on his Korg Triton or even, yep, his Roland Keytar. If Guitar Hero had existed back in those 8.
  9. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CDr release of Forever And Ever on Discogs.

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