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The last time I saw Brenda was January 19th. I was waiting for my ride to the airport, to go home. When it came time, I left her with a line paraphrased from a Dylan song:. During the last few days of her life Brenda drifted in and out of consciousness.

Much of what she said made no sense, but one day, after literally waltzing to the bathroom in the arms of an old friend, oxygen tubes trailing behind her, she delivered the last line to the poem that was her life:. Brenda died on the morning of January 29, at her home in Fayetteville, in the midst of the worst ice storm in Arkansas history. Trisha and two other friends were with her as she released her last breath. Outside, the tree branches that had been snapping like gunfire all night, just for a moment, fell silent.

We should all be naked for this. We should all stand with flesh shining bright as the moon, fierce as the sword in the water. We should all be naked. For this, we should run quivering skin goose-bumped hair on-end like rabid dogs, feet crushing grass, soles slapping stone.

Gates of the prisons opened. A flood of spirit pulsing through the streets like blood loosed from the heart. We should all be naked unbound angels, no robes to tangle in rapid feet, in criss-crossed legs. Our wings flapping furiously feverishly driven to the Sun. For this, we should all be naked and without restraint. Racing, hearts bursting, a shower of sparks to rival stars Racing, mouths open, laughter pouring out like water. Racing Running to the outskirts of Beulah Land.

Brenda visited me in a dream the night after she died. Strolling slowly, arm in arm, down an Arkansas dirt road, we shared a moment of peace. Thanks also to Kevin Kinder for some of the quotes I pulled for this piece. Enter your email address to subscribe to Slaminatrix and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address.

Slaminatrix using the power of language to inform and challenge, inspire and delight. I want to see the stars, Mister. A fight ensues in which Ben is forced to kill Management, leaving him a full understanding of his powers. Season two concludes with Ben's setting out to confront Brother Justin in California, where they finally meet in battle in a cornfield.

The carnies find Brother Justin slain and Ben passed out from his own grievous wounds. They take Ben back to their camp and leave New Canaan. As his powers and use of powers already suggest in the series, Ben is an Avataric Creature of Light.

After both his grandfather and mother had died from cancer , he was " shanghaied by a group of carnies " in After receiving a twenty-year sentence in a state prison-farm for a failed bank robbery , Ben planned his escape to return home to his sick mother, but he accidentally killed a prison guard who drew a gun on him.

The writers always intended Ben to be the leading man and hero of the series, and were looking for an actor to showcase a youthful, innocent and anti-hero quality. Stahl does a remarkable job of wordlessly conveying his character's moods and yearnings, as well as his ungainly grace. He has a boyish face, but the grim expression of a worn-out elder", [15] and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said Stahl "speaks volumes with his eyes and weary frown, so much so that his understated portrayal almost carries the series.

Ben Hawkins is a very isolated and quiet character, and yet he carries a significant part of the series on his shoulders. Without the right actor it could be disastrous, but Stahl brings a level of thoughtful emotion to the character such that a glance or a stare speaks volumes.

Stahl's gradual acceptance of his own power, and his subsequent struggle, are fascinating. As the series reveals in later episodes, Justin's birth name is Alexei Belyakov. He and his sister Iris are orphaned immigrant children in the wilderness, who were found and raised by Reverend Norman Balthus.

Following strange visions and supernatural abilities in the pilot episode, Brother Justin erects a church in his God's name. But after a fire in his new ministry leads him almost to suicide, Brother Justin is hospitalized in a sanatarium and discovers his ability to manipulate and control those around him through sheer force of will. Shortly after Brother Justin's return to Mintern, Norman suspects his foster son to be possessed by a demon and confronts him, but Brother Justin is not disturbed by his true nature for long.

In the beginning of season 2, Brother Justin has begun to gather a huge flock of worshippers of mostly migrants and Okies outside Mintern via his nightly radio sermons and newfound abilities of persuasion.

A scholar named Wilfred Talbot Smith identifies him as the Usher and tells him that, in order to gain his full measure of power and fulfill his destiny, he must find and kill a man named Henry Scudder. While escaped convict Varlyn Stroud helps Brother Justin, the Crowes find a new chambermaid in ex-carny Sofie, not knowing that she is Brother Justin's daughter.

Brother Justin at long last meets his adversary, Ben, in the final episode of the series. Brother Justin is killed in a battle in a cornfield near his home, but Sofie as the Omega arrives and places her hands on his chest, causing the corn stalks around them to wither and fall away.

Show creator Daniel Knauf saw in Brother Justin "one of the most complex devils", [21] and envisioned Christopher Walken to play him when he wrote the first draft of the show. It also mentioned Brother Justin joining "The Order of the Knights of Jericho" between and and becoming its head in The completion of the construction of his "Temple of Jericho" was set in Nebraska in At the series' start initially projected to occur in , the character had already gathered a great army of followers through his "Church of the Air" radio sermons.

After seeing the preliminary pilot episode, however, Knauf and the producers realized there was no room for the character to grow in a television series. They demoted Brother Justin to an ordinary Christian minister in a little town, but when Brother Justin's affiliation needed to be decided, Knauf contested plans to make him a Catholic priest; he rather settled on the Methodist denomination, which he perceived as significantly less suspicious and controversial. The producers added Justin's sister Iris as a supporting character in the revised series, and established a sexual tension between the two characters early on.

They were not in favor of their characters getting together like HBO had wanted, as "that's really not what they're about. The writers had planned a sexual innuendo between Iris and Tommy Dolan, a news reporter who investigates in the arson case, but Robert Knepper Dolan later felt his character might just have been a pawn between Brother Justin and Iris as siblings, making Brother Justin jealous.

He is an actor with a great deal of range, and he uses all of it in this series. His original biography gave his background as a dwarf strongman who started his career in Samson temporarily loses his position to Lodz for a second time near the end of the first season but retains Management's trust.

Clayton "Jonesy" Jones is an ex-baseball player who suffers from a crippling knee injury. He is Samson's right-hand man, operator of the Ferris wheel , and the leader of the roustabouts.

Jonesy's original biography reveals his past as a star pitcher in the major league whose knee was injured in revenge when he refused to throw a game for the mob. The two became inseparable until Sofie grew into a woman, making their relationship awkward. While she retreats into a friendship with cootch dancer Libby Dreifuss, Jonesy finds sexual relief with Libby's mother Rita Sue. When Sofie begins to show interest in him, he breaks off his relationship with Rita Sue; however, the fact that he was sleeping with her and that Libby knew about it causes Sofie to break both of their hearts as pay back.

After this Jonesy remains cold towards her yet finds new affection in Libby. The two eventually elope. Jonesy is kidnapped, tortured and left for dead by a man who had lost his wife in a Ferris wheel accident. Ben is able to heal Jonesy including his crippled knee, and Jonesy joins Ben on his last mission.

In the series' final minutes, Jonesy and Sofie meet again, and she shoots him in cold blood. Apollonia and Sofie Agnesh Bojakshiya [39] are fortunetellers in a mother-daughter act at the carnival. Although Apollonia is catatonic , she and Sofie can communicate telepathically. Their original biographies declare Apollonia a "once renowned seer who read cards for the rich and famous" and "the only psychic Houdini was unable to debunk.

Apollonia's sister cared for her until Sofie was old enough to take over, and they began working the traveling circuits shortly afterwards. When the series starts with Ben joining the carnival, Apollonia can no longer shield Sofie from her own true self. Sofie begins to evade and rebel against her mother's mental control, but Apollonia counters by first trying to drive Sofie to suicide, then by attempting to kill her in a trailer fire at the end of the first season. Sofie tries to leave her fortuneteller life behind by becoming a roustabout.

After a short-lived relationship with Ben, Sofie leaves the carnival altogether and becomes the Crowes' maid in California. Brother Justin introduces her to the world of religion, but several signs suggest the preacher is not the good man Sofie thought.

After berating Brother Justin in the final episode, Sofie is locked in a barn where visions insinuate her as the Omega and Brother Justin as her father. She later shoots Jonesy, and her eyes have taken on the coal black appearance of Brother Justin's eyes.

The final minutes of the series show Sofie finding Brother Justin dead in a cornfield. She lays her hands on his chest, and the corn around them dies. Professor Ernst Lodz [41] is a blind mentalist. Lodz's character arc starts with Ben joining the carnival. Lodz unsuccessfully hassles the boy to work with him and to listen to his dreams.

He later initiates Ruthie's death with Management's blessing to get his sight back. Upon finding out these circumstances, Ben strangles Lodz to death, reviving Ruthie in the process. Nevertheless, Lodz repeatedly appears to Ruthie and leaves her the message "Sofie is the Omega " on a mirror. Using Ruthie's body, Lodz also visits his lover Lila and informs her about the events leading to his death and "you'll be seeing me soon [ According to Clancy Brown Brother Justin , the writers had originally planned Lodz's return as a mummy after a man sold his desiccated body to the carnies.

Besides serving a purpose to the story, it should indicate all bets are off for the other characters. Lila Villanueva, [44] also known as the Bearded Lady of Brussels , is the lover of Lodz and the dressmaker of the carnival.

The family traveled the international circuit as the "Flying Villalobos" until misfortune struck. One of Lila's two older brothers died in Copenhagen in , and her father committed suicide in At age sixteen, Lila already sported a beard and married for the first time.

The marriage did not last long, and Lila would marry over nineteen more times in her life. Did you know that you can find them in the stars, too? Then sit back and listen to the voices on the wind as it tells you where to look…. Are you ready to go hunting for a blue moth? Do you see another hazy spot nearby to the south? Are you ready for more? Then take a closer look at Antares for the ants… In even small binoculars you will see a fine, powdery ball of stars that looks like tiny ants gathering near a red drop of Popsicle!

These stars belong to Messier Object 4 — a globular cluster. There is a legend that the sky god Helios allowed his son Phaeton to drive his Sun chariot along this road. The Moon is now waxing and moving gradually east each night. Hey, Kids! Did you see the crescent of the Moon last night? With the heat and humidity much higher in the northern hemisphere, it looked wonderfully like a cool slice of orange cantaloupe hung in the sky! Guarded by Hercules on one side and Bootes on another, some tales call it the royal crown of Dionysus.

Why not? But, during the summer, why not think of it as the Native Americans once did? They believed Corona Borealis to be a campfire circle! Many believe it to be the thirteenth constellation of the zodiac because it resides mainly on the ecliptic plane — the imaginary path the Sun and Moon takes across the sky. However, there are more tales to be told about Ophichus! The ancient Egyptians believed this large set of stars to be the incarnation of Imhotep. The snake symbol was also used to represent Imhotep.

It takes up about as much area of sky as the full Moon and it is bright enough to be seen with even small binoculars. The light you see from it tonight left million years ago! NGC IC Why not ask them to join you?! Hey, kids! Are you ready to spend another warm, northern summer evening out under the stars? Before the Moon comes back and steals away our dark skies, begin when night falls and watch overhead for the appearance of a bright, orange-looking star.

Now, sit back and listen to the voice of the wind and the night as it tells you a story…. As a herdsman, he is accompanied by his working dogs, Asterion and Chara, who form the northern constellation of Canes Venatici. One legend says that egend says that Bootes was the son of Zeus and Callisto. Hera changed Callisto into a bear who was almost killed by Bootes when he was out hunting.

Luckily, she was rescued by Zeus and he took her into the sky where she is now Ursa Major, the Great Bear. Another myth says Bootes was the son of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. Supposedly he was placed among the stars for inventing the plow. It is also said that Bootes was a grandfather of Virgo, the goddess of the wheat or corn. Not far from the beautiful, bright, blue-white star that marks her crown is one of the most famous galaxies of all — the Sombrero.

Perhaps it was Bootes who rescued the beautiful hair of Queen Berenices and placed it in the sky? After all, she gave up her long and lovely locks to see the safe return of her husband from war. Funkenberry Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […].

Posted at h, 06 April […] Source: Dr. Funkenberry […]. Tiger Hoods Posted at h, 06 April […] Source […]. Simple 2 , P. All Prince. Rince , Princ , Princ. Discography Books Posters Films. Data Quality Correct. Show 25 50 Refresh. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. Everyone searching discogs for a Prince discography expects these records to be filed under "Prince". Reply Notify me 2 Helpful. Can anyone tell me if the hits can be found on LP?

DjGranddad November 24, Report. Hey all, Has anybody noticed that Prince's -Erotic City is not on this list. Reply Notify me 5 Helpful. Been listening to a lot of Prince recently since his rediculously early death. Was the first artist I started listening to from about 12 years old and have loved him ever since I am 47 now! I struggled with his material after the Black Album but he was still able to surprise and keep the funk and I don't care what anybody else says there was no better live act on the planet!

His first 11 albums plus all the brilliant extended versions on the 12"s mean so much to me, they bring back so many memories, being at Wembley for the first night of Lovesexy and coming on stage in a car! Going to see under the cherry moon at the cinema in Leicester Square and being the only person in there with my mate, sitting at the front and dancing to every song!! I will treasure his music until I am old and grey! Miss you Christopher Tracey!! Reply Notify me 12 Helpful. Please just put them all in the same place.

Also is a Revolution album. And the German release of the Gold Experience promo is here. Lord, what a mess. I can't find any info anywhere and went through all the releases on this page. Anyone have any hints on this? It was bought in the early s I think. Many thanks. Prince is music. No one does it better.

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  6. We ran an ongoing poetry reading and open mic, conducted poetry workshops throughout Arkansas, hosted a slam series, fielded and won slots on national slam teams. In preparation for our first West Coast tour, we produced Snake Dreams, an audiotape of our work (yes, an audiotape—that’s how far back we go). With regard to just about all.
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