Got What It Takes To Make It (Remix) - 39 Posse - 39 Automatic

IN a club you cant cover up mistakes by doing a quick announcement to the bride and groom. In a wedding, if the floor isnt packed all the time, its expected. In a club, if the floor aint packed you dont play there again. In a club you are not talking about a flow of one or two songs, but a flow of 2 or 3 hours, thats hours of solid beatmatching, cutting, equing, in a difficult environment often with dodgy equipment and a mixer you're not familiar with and in the dark - and its LOUD, and usually they have painfully literally bad monitor speakers in the DJ booth - but you can't turn em down, cos the floor is so LOUD you have to have the monitors up to cover it, and the sound from the dancefloor speakers are often reverberating off the walls making it very tricky to beatmatch, - its not the watts of a wedding DJ with gear they use all the time but 5, watts, unfamiliar gear etc etc The poster above says not to disprespect you, but you seem to disrespect the very art of DJing, not only in your comments about beatmatching but in your failure to recognise that there is a difference between playing your music to true music lovers who follow your particular genre, making a connection with each other through that shared love and entertaining at a wedding.

Most DJs are music lovers, playing and collecting a genre or two that they love The mix was weak from song selection to mixing skills. Don't try and hide behind the "wedding dj" title to try and compensate for your lack of skills.

Also, you were talkin shit about giving out ass whoppins, WHY??? You would not rock a wedding or party playing that mix. Michael Basic and sixxx gave you some good advice It's not meant to incite anything only to show the way the industry is headed. If you're a beatmatching and scratching machine then I applaud the time you've put in to perfect those skills.

There is a place for them, but as a general rule, I don't work those places anymore. I can go out and buy software that beat matches - but I didn't. Beatmatching isn't a skill that's required for weddings DJ's because to be honest, most of the guys at the top of their game don't even bring equipment to beat match!

They use software on laptops or new controllers like the Numark D2, Denon, and Cortex products. Everyone I know uses software to handle the beatmatching. They do this so they can work the crowd, be more interactive and work on doing other things that make the day flow smoothly. He felt it freed him up to be more creative with the music.

In my opinion that says it all Creativity with the music That creativity is what sells for me. Which BTW, no one mentioned anything about me putting the chicken dance over stunna shades I was trying to capture the wedding cheese while still providing a strong bass line. One more thing, I am one of the highest paid DJ's in the city I live in and probably in the top 5 within mile radius. My clients don't 'demand' beat matching - but they do demand interactivity and customization.

I've done custom remixes, mashups and more just to pull of an effect for a client. I cater heavily to my clients needs and create a unique experience for them. I don't approach any wedding with the thought that I'll play ANY of the same songs I played at any other wedding I've ever done. But I do know that beatmatching isn't the holy grail of DJ'ing for me. It's just one of many skills that I am working to add to my repetoire.

The fact I even bother should speak volumes about my desire to better myself. I will add this, I limit my recommendations on this board and others to what I know and has worked for me. I've averaged booking a gig a week since I started - including booking 3 receptions in a single day.

I managed a night club and hired club dj's to play. I played myself as the resident when the person we had got fired.

But that aside I'll be posting another mix in a few weeks to get more feedback about how I'm improving. And provided I'm able to actually record the tracks today and get the mix down a karaoke mix either later today or early this coming week. I get the hustle, I get the idea that in the market that you're in beatmatching is secondary.

Props for being well paid, well respected, and building up a good reputation in your area. Whatever it is that you do when you play to a wedding crowd to distract them from your lack of DJ ability is probably quite impressive.

Just be humble about it when it comes to the DJing part. Any monkey can learn to beatmatch? You're a superstar, learn to beatmatch well enough that you can still work a crowd. You don't need to do that for your weddings? Guess what I can do all the things you can, AND beatmatch on vinyl.

Wedding parties don't really want that? Not until they realize they have the option. As soon as they realize their reception could be the party everybody talks about and says, "I never danced so much in my life" they want in. My suggestion Wait, automatic beatmatching allows for more creativity?

I usually agree with you MM, but if the person you're talking about is as creative as you say he is, he should have no problem matching the tempo to his liking and "being creative" at the same time. In my opinion, the more you trust your music in the hands of a machine, the less human control you have and thus, the less room for creativity you have.

Further more, if you're like most of us and travel and gig as a DJ, you will not always have your preferred digital solution or software at your disposal. The more you delve into this Torq, auto-everything business, the more your game deteriorates, and sorry to say this but, the more microwave you become.

With or without Serato it's even easier if you know the BPM's ahead of time. I did NOT use an auto beat match anything My clients want interactivity so everyone feels a part of the night. Beat matching a club set will send the parents and grandparents packing for the door. I'm not forgoing the music for the event, I'm appealing to everyone throughout the night.

When I do the bouquet toss, garter removal and toss, etc I have an option. Either run back and forth to the decks, loose the spontanaity with the music, use something I can control from across the room, or work the event with someone else. I haven't made a choice yet on how to make this happen yet but when I do I'll let you know.

Whether it's using wiimotes, something designed for a DAW setup, or something else there is a need for some flexibility in my case in how I work. I won't MC a garter toss from behind my decks - that's just tacky. Remember, YOUR clients might want a nightclub type experience. If I have someone call me that wants just basic announcements and a nightclub experience I provide them with someone else's number because that's not what I provide.

Could I pull that night off? Would I be ok with it? But I would never get my rate doing so. My market is different than the market in LA and many other cities because I do a lot of destination weddings. In larger cities you can meet your clients beforehand. It's hard for me because most of my clients live miles away or more.

They don't know you As for traveling, I bring my own pa, decks, and everything else with me to every event. I don't rely on the venue for anything but power. I don't even ask for a table. Remember, I don't do club work where stuff is pre-installed - it's all mobile at this point. As for the if you were here you would be taking all my business I sell something you couldn't possibly understand if you think that beat matching will make the difference in my clients picking you over me.

And yes, the person that said that automatic beatmatching allowed for more creativity is quite talented. Sure, they 'can' beatmatch and be creative at the same time, but not having to beatmatch meant they could focus on other creative elements in the time they would have normally spent beatmatching.

I'm getting better at the club elements in my mixing. I'm not forgoing 'traditional' elements in my offerings, but it's not my main focus at a wedding. FYI - yes, I use Torq. The full version of the product with external control. When using external control there isn't any auto beatmatching anything.

If you move to internal control then you can take advantage of the automated elements. However, I have 6 tabletop CD players, 2 turntables, and a variety of other equipment that I own including midi controllers. Does a ditchwitch to dig a hole instead of a shovel make a difference?

Not to the customer that asked for the hole. I look at the end result instead of the tools to get there. BTW, most automated beatmatching tools suck. I know because I was forced to use some. Then I started taking my decks to the club. Then when I was rocking the club and the patrons liked it I was banned to take my equipment to the club by the owner of the company I worked for.

I quit less than 2 weeks later and still took my gear to the club! But just because you use an automated beatmatching tool shouldn't make you any less of a DJ just less prepared than some.

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