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GF - Bottom of the line but not junk. Guy Parsons wrote: Fri13 wrote: broody wrote It isn't. E-M10 as third. Where it beats E-M1 is the video features. That would have been confusing. That would have been so confusing. It was a mess.

Truly a mess just like with Panasonic. Why it looks like Olympus has left only the E-PL line abandoning others. Tony wrote: Personally I think Panasonic has too may lines.

The competition is never good for consumer, neither is it for competitors. Teamwork is always better than competition. Panasonic and Olympus should really either trim the lines or trim the release schedules.

I don't agree that competition is bad for the consumer. Tony wrote: I don't agree that competition is bad for the consumer. You're both right and you're both wrong. F Forum M My threads. You may also like. Interview: Aki Murata of Olympus - 'Full-frame isn't for everybody'. Have your say: Best camera of Have your say: Best prime lens of Latest sample galleries. Nikon D sample gallery. Fujifilm XC 35mm F2 vs. Latest in-depth reviews.

Latest buying guides. Best easy-to-use cameras in Best instant cameras in The best camera bargains of Fujifilm X-T Canon RF 85mm F1. Nikon D Nikon D initial review. Fujifilm X-T 4. The explanation of the popularity of regression analysis is simple, unless they are simulated by a machine, connections between variables, whether observed or latent variables, in a data set requires more complex statistical solutions than those provided by correlation coefficients.

It is not feasible to cover regression in a book chapter. We briefly introduce basics of a relatively simple multiple regression model. In a multiple regression framework, demonstrating process of model fitting based on matrices and least squares estimation should have at least two benefits; a a simple demystification of the procedure, b a workable and sensible foundation for readers with a desire to move further in the advanced topics.

The following sections use two different data sets. The first data set includes only cases to show calculations and is named the synthetic data. The second data is simulated with a larger sample size for illustrative purposes and is named the simulated data. Consider a case in which data on three variables are collected and the researcher is interested in the relationship of one of the variables i.

Further, these three variables are continuous. The regression model in this scenario is. This model can be presented in a matrix equation;.

Let us assume the researcher has the following data. This synthetic data set has only 12 cases. Equation These estimates are Best Linear Unbiased Estimates. Each independent variable has a mean of zero because they are mean-centered.

That is, for participants with independent variables scores equal to the mean on both independent variables the expected dependent variable score is 2.

The coefficients. This aphorism belongs to Box and Draper The researcher should provide a convincing discussion about the relevance of the variables included in the regression model to the research questions addressed by the research. If there are important omitted variables, the beta coefficients are probably not valid. Hence the researcher is obligated to provide justifications on variable selections to claim usefulness of the results.

This is a dramatic change from 0. Omitting predictors that are related to both the other predictors in the model and the dependent variable will cause the coefficients for the variables that have not been omitted to be misleading. Therefore an important part of the theoretical justification of a regression model is a discussion of variables that may have been omitted.

In addition to omitted variable issue, the validity of the results from a regression model the usefulness is also directly related to the sampling process and appropriate reflection of this process in the model.

For example, if sampling weights exist they should not be ignored in the analyses. Sampling and regression is beyond the scope of this chapter.

The sum of squares for Y, which is also known as the total sum of squares, can be decomposed into two parts, the model sum of squares , which is also the sum of squares for the predicted values, and the error sum of squares. Examine the R code below given for the synthetic data;. A more nearly unbiased estimate is the adjusted squared multiple correlation coefficient. Examine the R code below given for the synthetic data.

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PowerPoint PPT presentation free to view. Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? Global and United States Augmented Reality In-Depth Research Report - The report is based on the market historical data from to and forecast the market trend from to This report focuses on the U.

As an indepth report, it covers all details inside analysis and opinions in Augmented Reality industry. I have edited the "agent" article but only to have it deleted. I was not finished and can cite other sources not in a job description however my sources a verifiable and literally define the field of expertise for the definition of "agent". How can I re-enter this information into this database without having it removed due to to much content in a citation as was the cause for deletion?

Should I remove the citation s or is it my source s? The Administrator was unclear as to what was wrong with how it was written other that the references are too big and the some of the source data was actually a job listing I was also not finished with my citation s. The atricle is actually less reliable now that the article has been rolled back.

Help please. Over the past few days the editors mentioned previously have been adding and removing each other's links incessantly. I have removed their links entirely on two occasions and added the No More Links Template in the external links sections. I have also gone into the talk pages of the articles and placed sections for discussion of the validity of the external links as well as placing article issues headers on the articles.

So far the only activity on the talk pages has been for user Extraxi who called for the cease and desist of those adding the link to the forums at armoredcoreonline. I have placed the Edit War warning template on the talk pages for users Extraxi and ClericACO as well as for one of the unregistered IPs in an effort to get them to come to discussion but nothing has come of it. I feel it should be noted that none of us are entirely objective as we are all either members of these forums as is the case with myself and user Extraxi and most likely some of the unregistered IPs , admins of the forums as is the case with user ClericACO and possibly an unregistered IP , or the site owner as is the case with the remaining unregistered IP.

Here is a link to a discussion of the conflict on one of the forums External Link though it is probably unnecessary and maybe bias-inducing to read. Any tips or guidelines on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Ninety talk , 11 May UTC. N46 talk , 12 May UTC. I would like this page to be protected somehow, because people are erasing the fact that John Atanasoff is from Bulgarian-American nationality. According to at least half of the world nationality is term that mean mainly the nationality of the parents.

I am aware of the American point of view, but Wikipedia is multinational, isn't it???!!! Also the father of John Ataansoff is not born in Ottoman empire, he is born in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a country with older history than Turkey and Ottoman empire, and Bulgaria was there before and after the Ottoman empire rise and fall. For that fact and the fact that although Bulgaria was under Ottoman rule the country did preserve its own nationality , religion, language and history during the rulership.

There is a difference between this place being the Ottoman empire and being under Ottoman empire rule. Bulgaria was populated with Bulgarians, and was never part of the Ottoman empire, it was under occupation and rule. It is offensive to call Bulgaria, Ottoman empire when that place where Bulgaria is was always Bulagaria, has never been anything else, and occupation is different than nation state. I would like that information protected by people who want to distort history, and that do not want to admit the nationality of that very important person.

At the moment the article favors American history and underminds the Bulgarian history, and not only that but the fact that nationality is not equal to citizenship is not reflected. According to Bulgaria, which is interested part in the argument John Atanasoff is part Bulgarian. I have been an American Atheist leader since Beginning in , as a charter member of the Primary Care Advisory Board, we won legal injunctions against the non-secular activities of a first ever employed chaplain after 8 decades of volunteer chaplains.

I telecast Dial An Atheist 2 minute messages from to , 18 thousand phone calls in 33 months. And I have appeared on local television featured programs, Paul Harvey News twice, radio interviews in 40 states, appearing live during Des Moines City Council Meetings from to Lost my '87 election bid for 2nd Ward councilor. Now here in Charleston, SC, a new lawsuit may be filed May 15th if the rogue firefighters do not remove a crude wooden crucifix with 22 light bulb sockets drilled into it, where at Firestation 12, HWY , these Liberty Lawyer led zealots steal electricity from the city each night since Dec 23rd, and sporadically for over a decade during December holidays.

Please do not consider my capitalization of Atheist and Atheism "vandalism. Hubert Henry Harrison fought for over a decade to have his name Negro capitalized.

Also an Atheist, his leadership of the Harlem Renaissance towards popular street side education was historic. As American Atheist I. Chapter Director ''86, I also produced ten cable cast documentary discussion programs in Ames and Nevada Iowa. I supported the Iowa State University student Skeptics. As a US Navy vet, ''73 my personnel work qualifies me for peace recruiting in career fairs in local schools today.

In exile here, as Iowa's Only Political Prisoner of Theocracy, you can see my front page Des Moines Register photo on election day, with attendant front page story calling for a gubenatorial pardon. Since I've volunteered as a body guard escorting women past the religious fanatics who terrorize all who enter the abortion clinic, just two blocks from my home. I would like to know what the procedure and etiquette is for updating an existing image which is used on multiple pages.

The particular image I am interested in updating is this animation , which I believe has a glaring flaw in its depiction I have explained the reason on a discussion page here. I think my edited version of the image is an improvement on the original, as it depicts the operation more correctly and, unlike the original, it doesn't have identical first and last frames, which leads to an apparent pause in the animation.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Antagony talk , 12 May UTC. I can't see anything wrong with the reference on this page, but it won't appear in the list. Could someone else proof it, please?

What's wrong? Pkeets talk , 12 May UTC. I am an Author of three books and many audio books and CD's. I have also had some media coverage mainly sports magazines. I am obviously not famous but get around people a month looking for my name specifically on Google. Having looked through the guidelines for biographies I am wondering if it is worth spending time writing a biography as it seems most biographies are of famous people? I do think it is of public interest albeit only per month!

Any help would be appreciated. Authentic1 talk , 14 May UTC. Think about it. How would you feel if you got a text message that ended in SWAK? Once again, e. Should that happen to poor, as-yet unaffected places e. What about i.

This is the reason why the industry move d to optical fibers to connect the dif-ferent items of the installed in the substations. Fiber optics do not need ground and are immune to the interferences caused by electrical noise therefore eliminates a lot of the errors that electrical connections do suffer.

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  6. a. There are three possible reading frames for a nucleic acid strand b. A deletion of any number of nucleotides within the gene's coding region will always result in a frameshift mutation c. Usually only one of the reading frames is OPEN; an ORF d. An ORF starts with AUG and continues in triplets to a termination codon e.

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